Arian Moayed Shares His Experience of Playing Todd Spodek and Working With Julia Garner in Inventing Anna

Arian Moayed Shares His Experience of Playing Todd Spodek and Working With Julia Garner in Inventing Anna

Another character, other than Anna Delvey, who is the star of the show is Todd Spodek, played by Arian Moayed. His passion to prove that Anna is not guilty is recommendable. But we have a few questions from Moayed as fans. How does an actor play so well as a lawyer? How does he prepare himself as Todd? And many more. Let’s find out what Arian Moayed has to tell about his experience in Inventing Anna.

From Shonda Land’s creation, Netflix’s Inventing Anna is finally on the streamer and became one of the most-watched television shows on Netflix. We finally get a real-life scammer, who smartly became a part of the “SoHo” influencer of New York. Anna Sorokin aka Anna Delvey identifies herself as a German heiress who has millions of dollars in her trust fund. Anna played by Julia Garner, in the television show, Inventing Anna, claims herself as an elite and gets access to a world of riches. She stayed at top hotels of New York City, dined at fine restaurants, fly in private jets, also manipulate influential people of New York to be a part of her team and even convenience bank to loan her millions of dollars, until her whole superficial world crashed down in 2017.

Anna waited for trial for grand larceny and theft. She reached out to Todd Spodek as her attorney. Arian Moayed as Todd has done an amazing performance with a balance of empathy and passion. Now let’s find out how Moayed prepared himself as a lawyer of one of the most scandalous scammers of New York.

Experience of Arian Moayed as Todd in Inventing Anna

Moayed’s early career

Moayed is in the business for a long time. But he was not always successful as he is now. The musical Fiddler on the Roof, made him fall in love with acting. He started his career in theaters and then move on to Broadway for a show called Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo. They even nominated him for Tony Award for his role.

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First encounter with the story of Anna Delvey

His first reaction to Anna Delvey’s story is that she isa scammer.” Every news headline, social media, whatever he was using, every article is with the same news, “the German fake heiress, SoHo grifter.” He claims, “Not until I read this script did I read the Jessica Pressler article and realize this is a massive story with massively unique individuals at the helm.”

How did Moayed prepare to play Todd in Inventing Anna?

Before the shooting started, Moayed spend 12 days on grand jury duty, just to understand how society works legally. He has done a non-profit theater recently, titled The Courtroom, whose scripts help him lot how a lawyer think and legal mind works. Todd Spodek came to their shooting when he was shooting with Rachel. Moayed explains, “I didn’t really have time to meet Todd until, which is crazy, the day that I was interrogating Rachel Williams. He sat in the pew when I was grilling Rachel. I said, “How does this feel?” He goes, “It’s eerily exactly the same,” which made me feel really happy.”

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