“Freydis Is Almost Radicalized. She Live In a World That’s White or Black,” Says Frida Gustavsson Explaining Her Character in Vikings: Valhalla

“Freydis Is Almost Radicalized. She Live In a World That’s White or Black,” Says Frida Gustavsson Explaining Her Character in Vikings: Valhalla

After Vikings: Valhalla was released on the platform, we are noticing the character, Freydis, who can kick ass while eight months pregnant. After the amazing performance of Frida Gustavsson and her passion for her role, it’s hard to imagine anyone other than Frida playing the character of Freydis Eriksdotter in Vikings: Valhalla. The Vinland Sagas, which is a collection of poems, tells about oral histories of earlier historical events. The poem claimed that Freydis and her brother, Leif, left Iceland for Greenland.

Another quality of Freydis is she screams when she fights. The scream is not a normal scream like others. Frida claims that deep inside her there is still a thousand-year-old Viking woman spirit laid dormant. Even she didn’t know she can make those types of screams. Recently, In a creative company interviewed Frida Gustavsson about the show Vikings: Valhalla. Frida gave us a lot of insightful thoughts about the show. Let’s find out.

On March 1st, 2022, In Creative company hosted Frida Gustavsson and talks about her performance in the Vikings: Valhalla, in a YouTube video.

Frida Gustavsson’s research on the Valkyrie series book

Frida Gustavsson claims the book series Valkyrie is very informative. Because we don’t know about the character in a lot of details. So, from that book, she structured out the society. The age is the ending of paganism and starting of Christianity. Women can still what to do with their fate or what they want to become.

The relationship of Freydis with her family

Gustavsson explains that she and Sam Corlett, with the creator, spend a lot of time navigating the relationship of Freydis with her father and brother. Freydis was raised the same way, just like her brother. But nobody expects her to be extremely violent like her brother. They might have the same strength and wit. Nevertheless, she can take the better part of both worlds. Their father was a notorious warrior, so Freydis only pick up the good part of him.

Who is Freydis as a leader?

Freydis is fearless and is bravely running her own town. She is uptight for what she does, just like a real warrior. Gustavsson explains Freydis lives in a world that had to be right or wrong or black and white. So, as a leader, she learns there have to be gray zones in every area, and you can’t categorize everything. The world is more layers than we know of.

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Gustavsson played a full spectrum character of Freydis

Gustavsson has done an amazing job to highlight the stronger side of Freyda, but from her amazing acting, we can visualize that Freyda has a vulnerable side as well. The entry of Harold has shaped her and made her more acceptable of love and able to see herself in how other people see her. But in the end, she becomes richer and fuller in terms of experience in love.

The relationship of Harold and Freydis

From the beginning of their relationship, Harold wanted to move a few steps closer, but Freydis always pause their relationship. The biggest reason for this attribute is the horrific rape in her childhood. Gustavsson says, “The incredibly horrific trauma that she has been a victim of really informed me in terms of who she wanted to be sexual. She wanted to be a person who takes charge. She doesn’t want to be held down. She doesn’t want to be the active part and I think that is, you know, of course, a result of this horrific rape that she was a victim of.”

The difference between Paganism and Christianity on Vikings: Valhalla

Freydis is more liberated because of her beliefs in paganism. Frida claims, “I really found interesting was the, you know, that in the pagan world you don’t have the same type of preconceived ideas about what it is to be a woman.”

Freydis is way more comfortable with her body, her sexuality, and the way she could bear herself and travel around the world.

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