The Adam Project Touted as the Next Big Sci-FI to Make Steven Spielberg Take Notice

The Adam Project Touted as the Next Big Sci-FI to Make Steven Spielberg Take Notice

After a slew of crime dramas, Netflix is dipping its toes in sci-fi with The Adam Project. Starring Ryan Reynolds in the lead, the movie will reunite the actor with director Shawn Levy. Levy was the one behind the blockbuster comedy film Free Guy. The streamer unveiled the trailer for the upcoming movie on Tuesday. 

“Can we maybe slow down? There’s no one even following us.”  The trailer starts with one of the most piloty lines ever. But we are intrigued. Young Adam, Adam, and Laura are attacked by robot soldiers. They race through the woods and Adam performs some stunt with the car door to save all three of them. It is later revealed that a villain who still wears a cape in 2050 (some superhero stuff never changes) dispatched a troop of robot soldiers to hunt down Adam. Cut to the next scene where Adam is seen having an altercation with one of the soldiers. All this happened because of a time travel project that Louis, Adam’s father created years back. Mark Ruffalo’s perplexed expression mirrored us when we learned that he’s the Godfather of The Adam Project. The quartet race through time to destroy the project involving some really cool action scenes. 

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Highlights of the trailer 

The movie has lots of amusing moments. One involves Young Adam calling Adam dumb and then going for the beer. But it turns out Adam wasn’t so dumb after all. Another scene has Adam exasperatedly explaining to young Adam that there is no multiverse.

“My God, we watched too many movies!”

The Adam Project release date 

The sci-fi action comedy will be hitting the streamer on March 11. This is one of the streamer’s big-budget films judging by the star cast. Apart from Ryan Reynolds, the cast includes Zoe Saldana, Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Garner, and Walker Scobell. The movie intertwines heartwarming family drama with sci-fi action. Makers are convinced that the movie will make Steven Spielberg proud. From the looks of it, the movie looks like it will hit big with fans of E.T and Back to The Future. 

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