“Look at yourself in the mirror…” – When Millie Bobby Brown Gave the Best Advice About Self-Love

“Look at yourself in the mirror…” – When Millie Bobby Brown Gave the Best Advice About Self-Love

Millie Bobby Brown, who has become an icon for youth, frequently speaks about self-love. She especially encourages women to embrace and stand up for themselves as well. A few years ago, the Stranger Things star had some really amazing advice for young people about self-love. In a world where material life and external looks are a thing, it becomes hard for some people to adjust to such an environment.

In times like this, people tend to compare themselves with others and, ultimately, they start to drift away from their own selves. But the British actress has an answer for those who find it difficult to embrace their own self. The Stranger Things star appeared in a 2018 video with W Magazine where she gave life advice.

Among many questions, there was this one question: “How can I feel more comfortable in my own skin?” Young Millie gave the most beautiful answer, saying, “Look at yourself in the mirror and embrace who you are.” She added that true people would love you for whomever you are. So, if you are comfortable in your own skin, it really doesn’t matter if you are curvy or skinny. Therefore, be comfortable with who you are and embrace it.

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This was not the first time the 18-year-old actress spoke about self-love. She often opens up about the importance of loving yourself and embracing it because it makes you stronger.

Millie Bobby Brown on self-love and empowering women

In Brown’s 2017 interview with the SAG-AFTRA Foundation, she opened up about her struggles when she got the part in the show. When she had to shave her head, it was extremely difficult for her, as she loved her hair. But baby Millie took inspiration from those kids who didn’t have a choice of keeping their hair. And thus, she became strong and shaved her head.

This one incident made her stronger and more aware of the struggles around the world. Therefore, the actress frequently talked about being kind to them and being grateful for whatever you have. Also, when she starred in the Netflix Original film, Enola Holmes, she dedicated her performance to young women who were facing issues in their lives. After the success of the film, she even wrote an open letter for young women and encouraged them to stand up for themselves.

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From a very young age, the actress came into the industry. Thus, while learning from her own experiences, she kept on empowering others around her.

What are your thoughts about the advice that the Godzilla vs. Kong actress gave? What is your advice on self-love? Feel free to pour your heart out in the comment box below.

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