“I personally identify as…” – Millie Bobby Brown Comments on How She Feels While Playing Two Feminist Characters in Her Career

“I personally identify as…” – Millie Bobby Brown Comments on How She Feels While Playing Two Feminist Characters in Her Career

Portraying a character with whom you can identify is one of the great privileges of being an actor. Therefore, when Millie Bobby Brown got to portray Eleven in Stranger Things and Enola in Enola Holmes, adapting the character became a little easier for her. However, there are some key changes she had to make to justify the character, which she talks about in an interview.

The Netflix Originals, Stranger Things and Enola Holmes, have given Millie Bobby Brown two different identities. While achieving many things in her career, Millie Bobby Brown has received a lot of respect from many women. In fact, after the success of the first Enola Holmes film, she posted an encouraging message for young girls. Now, after the success of the Enola Holmes sequel, she shares her feelings about playing two feminist characters.

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Millie Bobby Brown could identify with the characters

With the changing times, everything around us changes as well. Now, women are finding themselves in more versatile roles. That is what Enola Holmes represented. Meanwhile, in Stranger Things, Eleven took charge of the evil situations and found her voice. She spoke loudly for her rights and herself. The 18-year-old actress portrayed both of these characters. Talking about them, Brown revealed, “I personally identify as a feminist.” 

The actress also said she believed in women’s rights, specifically that of children. She added she wanted to protect them as much as she could. She started out in the industry when she was just a child. The young Eleven actress got an amazing education, and she wished to give the same kind of education to others as well. With the changing world, Brown is of the belief that we need to educate our next young generation to help change the planet.

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Having said that, the young actress once also revealed she wanted to inspire people with her iconic role as Eleven. Her Enola Holmes character is also an inspirational journey of becoming a detective while embracing womanhood. This is how this talented and skilled actress felt when she portrayed two feminist characters simultaneously.

Do you also find inspiration from any of her characters?

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