‘Locke and Key’ Cast Gets Emotional As The Last Season 3 Lands On Netflix

‘Locke and Key’ Cast Gets Emotional As The Last Season 3 Lands On Netflix

Based on the comic series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez, Locke and Key left quite an impression on viewers. The show depicted one of the most unique and unpredictable storylines that people ever imagined. A home of whispering keys and young Locke kids finding new adventures every day with them. However, these keys brought life-threatening dangers with them when evil eyes were ready to misuse them.

The release of the new season has once again introduced the horrors of the past lingering around Key House. But, sadly, we have to bid our farewell to the show with season 3. And it seems this news hasn’t only disheartened fans, but it will undoubtedly be a difficult goodbye for the cast members. Let’s see what the actors have to say about the show’s departure so soon.

Locke and Key cast members give fans a memorable goodbye message

The official page of Netflix shared a video on Twitter from the sets of Locke and Key. The video stated:

“The final season of Locke & Key is now on Netflix, and the cast has a message for all the fans.”

After the release of season 3, main cast members came forward to share their experiences of the show. The time they spent together as friends and now leaving everything behind is difficult for them. The video opened with our cute Bode, aka Jackson Scott, announcing the arrival of the show on Netflix. Take a look at the video pinned below.

Conner Jessup, playing the role of Tyler, seemed emotional and thanked fans for making this series a success. He added that the show had been an incredible journey that transformed his life.

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Moreover, Nina Locke (Darby Stanchfield) gave a warming and heartful message to all the viewers. “We loved making this show for you, and we love you so much,” said the actress. Also, the beautiful Kinsey expressed her gratitude for everything she has got through this show because they all have worked for three years together, making memories with the crew and cast members.

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The show has given everyone the key to some of the best memories that we will treasure forever, even though we might not be able to use a head key to revisit them. But Netflix is always there to revive if fans ever feel nostalgic for the show. Do you think the creators did justice to the show by closing it in season 3? Tell us your opinion on the most heated argument between Locke and Key fans about the show’s cancellation. And don’t forget to watch season 3 premiered on Netflix yesterday.

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