“LeBron [James] would make sure that…”: Adam Sandler Reveals How The NBA Legend Helped In Making ‘Hustle’

“LeBron [James] would make sure that…”: Adam Sandler Reveals How The NBA Legend Helped In Making ‘Hustle’

Adam Sandler has always been a mega-fan of Basketball and this time he took his love to real-time presentation. Coming up as a central character in Netflix’s sports drama Hustle as an ambitious scout. Sandler finds an unprofessional player named Bo Cruz on the streets of Spain. Against the odds, he takes the player under his care to sharpen his extraordinary skills and make him an NBA star. He has also co-produced Hustle with LeBron James, who is a celebrated basketball player. 

How did LeBron James collaborate with Adam Sandler during the shoot of Hustle?

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter Sandler conveyed his experience of working with James. As he said yes to the movie right away after the writers gave him scrap to read and found it an exciting opportunity to fulfill his dream. Also, Sandler conveyed his appreciation for James’ support throughout this journey of shooting the movie and quoted: “was very helpful in any NBA stuff we needed; any player we reached out to, LeBron would make sure that everything was smooth.” 

Additionally, Queen Latifah who is portrayed as Sandler’s ex-wife in the movie said that she signed Hustle because Sandler was involved. Latifah has always admired the comical side of Sandler’s acting and watching him take a mature role would be amazing. She added that seeing him as an athlete is an entirely new experience for everyone.

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Netflix’s Hustle cast real basketball players and sports personalities

The movie features renowned sportspeople including Juancho Hernangomez and Juancho Hernangomez. Aaron Gordon and Kenny Smith. This is why Hustle even after being a fiction movie is giving a real-time feel. However, the movie wasn’t a difficult task for the NBA players as they were mostly shooting on things they do on regular practice days.

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After spending so much time characters created real bonds as Hernangomez said:

“I think he’s like my dad and for him, I’m his older son. It was some kind of feeling from the first day”

Both the main leads loved spending time with each other during the shoot and this journey has been exceptionally well. Including James who himself is a legendary basketball star has taken quite an image of producer as he sorted things smoothly.

Adam Sandler’s Hustle will Debut this Wednesday only on Netflix on 8 June 2022.


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