Adam Sandler Dribbles Basketball Like a Pro in a Resurfaced Compilation Video Ahead of ‘Hustle’ Release on Netflix

Adam Sandler Dribbles Basketball Like a Pro in a Resurfaced Compilation Video Ahead of ‘Hustle’ Release on Netflix

There couldn’t have been a star to play a Basketball coach in Netflix’s Hustle better than Adam Sandler, because of his long fondness and commitment to the sport. Adam has identified himself as an avid Basketball fanatic time and again. He doesn’t only enjoy watching NBA games but also plays with his favorite NBA stars. Even Shaquille O’Neal praised him by saying he has pretty good skills for a non-player. It’s hard not to agree with the former Basketball champion.

Adam’s videos of him playing Basketball has gone viral multiple times previously because the videos were an indicator of his expertise. With the onset of Hustle‘s release, the videos have resurfaced again.

Here’s the proof of Adam Sandler being a pro at Basketball

Sandler got himself into an array of sports but Basketball stuck to him as his favorite. In the compilation video, Adam is spotted dribbling like a pro and having the time of his life with other NBA stars. Looks like Adam is a welcome distraction for them and a fun one at that.

Adam got acquainted with the sport during his high school days when he tried playing with his fellow schoolmates but failed. They didn’t want to include him on their team because Sandler had issues catching up with speed. After his resolute efforts at training himself for hours, he was able to play directly with the NBA stars. After all the training and play, he still falls back on speed. His favorite NBA team is New York Knicks and thus, he is a regular at their games.

Adam has previously worked in many Basketball-related films such as Uncut Gems, where he played a gambler who would live off betting on NBA games. In the movie Grown Ups, Sandler was seen teaching his son the famous ‘Tim Duncan shot’. Both these movies didn’t have in-depth technicalities of Basketball. So now with ‘Hustle,‘ Adam finally got a chance to use his basketball skills to the fullest.

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Hustle is about a Basketball coach (Adam Sandler), who discovers a street player in Spain and decides to bring him back without his team’s approval. He sees the player as his own opportunity to get into the NBA. Co-produced by LeBron James himself, the movie is set to release on 10th June 2022.

If you haven’t checked out the trailer yet, view it right way.

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