Kevin Feige Is Ready to Have Ryan Gosling in the MCU, Says “I would love to find a place for him”

Kevin Feige Is Ready to Have Ryan Gosling in the MCU, Says “I would love to find a place for him”

Ryan Gosling recently appeared in Netflix’s new hit, The Gray Man. The film is receiving a lot of love. Meanwhile, Ryan is busy with his new Barbie movie. He is playing Ken with Margot Robbie, who is playing Barbie. The film will be released in January 2023. While Ryan is already busy with all these projects, he has expressed his wish to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Surprisingly, he even received a response from the president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige. Let’s see what happened.

Whom does Ryan Gosling want to play?

Let’s first focus on which character Ryan’s willing to play. We would like you to take a guess. And the biggest hint is that the role that he wants to play is very contradictory to the one he is busy shooting for, that is Ken. On the one hand, one might anticipate that he must be interested in playing Captain America or Doctor Strange, but it’s something way different. The role that Ryan wishes to play is that of the Ghost Rider.

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If he were to do it, Ryan Gosling would be changing into a complex character in the Marvel world. According to the origin story of Ghost Rider, every day, Johnny Blaze strikes a deal with the devil to spare the life of his mentor. However, dealing with the devil is frequently a little complex, and soon Blaze finds himself under the control of Zarathos, a spiteful spirit. Now, Johnny will live for the rest of his days as a regular guy, only turning into the demonic monster to wreak retribution when an innocent person’s blood is shed.

One fan even made a poster for Ryan as Ghost Rider.

Gosling would make a great Ghost Rider, and he has indicated an interest in the role. When the franchise was owned by Fox, Nicolas Cage played Johnny Blaze, the original Ghost Rider.

What are Kevin Feige’s thoughts on this?

Right after Ryan expressed his wish to play Ghost Rider, Kevin’s response was affirmative. He is totally rooting for Ryan to play the Spirit of Vengeance.

We even got the clip where Kevin is talking about this.

He seems very happy with Ryan himself making the offer and is totally on board with it. Let’s see; if things work out, we’ll soon see Ryan rocking our screens as the Ghost Rider. Until then, you can watch him in his latest hit, The Gray Man.

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