Did Chris Evans Already Predict Ryan Gosling’s Barbie Involvement in The Gray Man?

Did Chris Evans Already Predict Ryan Gosling’s Barbie Involvement in The Gray Man?

We are just a day behind the release of Netflix’s biggest film of 2022, The Gray Man. The film is not only going to be packed with mind-blowing action and a stellar star cast. It also looks like in between all the thrill and espionage. The film has predicted the future too. And the prediction comes from none other than the hero turned psycho Chris Evans.

In a recent interview, Ryan Gosling, who we shall be seeing throwing punches at Chris Evans‘s Lloyd Hansen, talked about the prediction and even commented on it.

Interested in what the Canadian actor had to say? Then read along.

Chris Evans made a Barbie prediction for Ryan in The Gray Man

The promotional campaign for The Gray Man is at full speed. The whole cast is giving interviews, and the Russo Brothers are even conducting a special screening in India. In one such interview of Ryan with Entertainment Tonight, we actaully get to know that Chris mentions Ryan’s new role as Ken in Barbie in the spy-thriller.

What happened is that in the film, Evans’ character refers to Gosling’s character as a “Ken doll,” to which Ken, Ryan himself replied, “is not an insult at all! I’m proud of that.”

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It certainly was a hilarious comment from the actor. And it does make us wonder whether the Russo’s purposefully added the line or not? Nevertheless, The Gray Man has a lot of strong points that make it a worthy watch, apart from the hilarious insult by Chris.

Early reviews for The Gray Man are extremely positive, with many praising the main star cast of the film. And now that the Russo Brothers already have multiple spin-offs and sequels ready for the franchise, it indeed makes fans all around the world excited as to what the directors of films like Captain America: The Winter Soldier, among many others, have in store for them.

What do you guys think about Chris Evan and Ryan Goslings‘ chemistry in the film? Do you like them or not? Share all your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments.

The Gray Man is releasing on July 22nd globally on Netflix.

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