Kanye West’s 2.2 million LA Ranch in Ruins After Divorce from Kim Kardashian

Kanye West’s 2.2 million LA Ranch in Ruins After Divorce from Kim Kardashian

Kanye West has left behind more than his marriage with Kim Kardashian. The Donda singer is known for making big creative plans, and often even turning them into reality. Along with music and fashion, he began his own academy and a Church group to perform. But a lot of it has come to a halt as controversies surrounded him and his split with the Kardashian.

There is no doubt that celebrities of this level have investments in different projects everywhere, but Ye’s financial decline has brought a halt to some of his ambitions. One of these lands was his LA ranch that seems to have gone into ruins.

How has the LA ranch belonging to Kanye West been deteriorating since the split with Kim Kardashian?

West has several properties, one of which is a ranch that seems to be wasting away. As per Daily Mail, he purchased the ranch for over $2.2 million and began setting the place up back in 2020. But when he and his wife decided to split, they were in a long divorce proceeding. A part of this was deciding on the division of assets. Ye apparently gave away this ranch to the Kardashian, and it is not being maintained at all. The property is laden with trash with its walls coming down, while his Donda Academy props also lie on that property, wasting away.

The 1.25-acre property was once used by Ye as a bachelor pad where in he even spent time with then-girlfriend Irina Shayk after his separation from the SKIMS owner. Meanwhile, his former wife was staying in their luxurious Calabasas home with their four children. The Kardashian seems unbothered about the ranch as she has moved on from the marriage and is looking after their kids.

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Currently, the singer is busy with his new wife Bianca Censori as they are spending time together. Meanwhile, Ye is under heavy pressure with legal cases piling up due to lack of payments and not to mention the not-so-thriving presidential campaingn. The entertainer lost a big chunk of his net worth due to his split with Adidas. In light of the current condition, it will be seen if he gets back to making future projects or gets a hold of this ranch from the Kardashian somehow.

What are your thoughts on the ranch’s condition that once thrived? Comment your thoughts.

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