Truth or Hoax? Is Kanye West Moving to South Africa to Settle With New Wife Bianca

Truth or Hoax? Is Kanye West Moving to South Africa to Settle With New Wife Bianca

Kanye West may be done with living in America. There is no doubt that the singer and artist has a wide fan base all over the world, but could he be moving? A lot has happened in the entertainer’s life in the last couple of years. From confirming his divorce from Kim Kardashian to remarrying in just two months.

In between all that, he has also been creating controversies with his offensive statements every week. But the ‘Donda’ singer shocked everyone by marrying his Yeezy employee Bianca Censori in a private ceremony recently. Although she is an Australian, so why would West consider moving to South Africa?

The truth behind the news of Kanye West moving to South Africa

Amid other news regarding Kanye West, one that has freshly been brewed is that he may be moving to South Africa. As per IOL, the entertainer is going to cross countries and resettle along with their new wife Bianca Censori. But the news may just be a joke.

A Tik Tok video by @celebs_za showed the Dona singer saying, “I am moving to South Africa for starting a new life with my new wife.” But the video is not actually true. The profile that posted it has a bio that says which suggests that the maker edits the video to make anyone say anything. So this is just another edited video of a celebrity for entertainment purposes.

The video is slowly gaining popularity and has already crossed 700k views. Its lip-syncing is perfect to the point of people thinking that it could be true. Some fans on Twitter know that it’s an AI-made thing, while others are still unsure about whether it is true. The morphed video is actually made using an old clip of Ye’s interview.

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While a few commentators from Africa do seem to be excited and welcoming the thought of the ‘Gold Digger’ singer moving. While one said that the entertainer has enough money to move, another one joked about how Ye would stand for elections if he moves. The news of him moving is definitely a hoax. But knowing him, the chances of him doing something like this cannot be ruled out.

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