Kanye West vs J Cole: Timeline of the Beef Explained

Kanye West vs J Cole: Timeline of the Beef Explained

Kanye West and his timeless feuds with almost every celebrity on the planet have always made it to the news headlines. Be it Taylor Swift or Pete Davidson or Ryan Reynolds, all of them had their share of picking up controversies with the rapper. However, when we think of Kanye West against some Hollywood star, it is usually Drake.

There is one artist that throws just as many shots as Drake would be, and it is none other than J Cole. The history of this battle has always stayed on top, despite others coming ahead of it. There have been timeless encounters that Kanye and J Cole have had throughout their careers. Here is b(ri)eef detail about everything that took place in the past between the two stars.

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J Cole and Kanye West started off as an aspiring rapper and an idol, respectively, before the media

It all started with a classic collaboration between the two rappers named Looking For Trouble. Initially, things were on a smooth track toward production. Their relationship started off pretty well as J Cole took the song to some other level in the history of rap music. However, little did we know that the singers took the title a bit too seriously. Although it seemed as if J Cole was a huge Ye fan some seven years ago, reality went completely parallel to what met the eye.

The inspiring Rapper who had already walked on the red carpet rapped on a lot of Kanye’s beats. This includes his earlier mixtape releases, his first sample workout that seemingly resembled Ye’s music. However, Cole started to get on with his publicity; he started bearing some inner motives. He eventually started wishing to pose as a direct competitor to Kanye’s career.

Idols turning into rivals

As a result, Cole deliberately strived to release his then-new album on the same day as Kanye’s release. The star who once considered West his idol abruptly released his Born Sinner title when Kanye was to unleash his Yeezus album. The Donda rapper initially bagged first ranks in the charts, outselling the number of copies Cole had. Although Cole’s album gave him an edge and shot up to #1 on Billboards, Yeezus returned to his top rank once again. This was apparently the first cold yet subtle face-off between the two rappers.

J took the shot and went ahead to release an album called False Prophets, which directly targeted West. In the song, he critically talked about how Kanye was not the idol he thought he supposedly was. This deliberate step formed the cracks between the singers vividly visible to the audience. Although Kanye had not responded to J’s jibes even still, it was just the silence before the storm, on his social media handles, of course.

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The endless game of apologies

Later, Cole went boldly public and talked in an interview about how Kanye always feels that “J Cole is dissing him.” This marked the moment when Kanye finally took to Twitter and started off his usual rants. One of them also showed him having a conversation with Cole over the phone call. J, on the other hand, completely denied the claims, but he did agree on Angie Martinez’s radio that he had talked to him with an “apology.”

However, as the world saw it, things had merely started to go quiet when Cole dropped another shot, Middle Child, on Ye. He once again, with more sincerity talked about how Kanye was never the person he thought he was in his rap music. He planned to release it in the middle of the week, where the Dreamville titan shared his perspective in line lyrics over the star he once admired.

Following this, Kanye made a Twitter post demanding a public apology from Cole. He also added that he was not going to release any further albums until he gets what he demanded. Things between the two have almost settled down, as there have been no further engagements so far.

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The tweet also had a shot at Drake, who was very well in perilous waters with Kanye as J. The scores between them are yet to be settled, as Cole has not broken the wall of silence ever since Kanye’s demand.

How do you think the whole Kanye-Drake situation will resolve? Comment below your thoughts.

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