Twitter Calls Out Kanye West For Wearing a “white lives matter” Tee At YZY Season 9 Presentation

Twitter Calls Out Kanye West For Wearing a “white lives matter” Tee At YZY Season 9 Presentation

Kanye West being the headliner of Hollywood news never ends. No sooner did the rapper settle his scores with past controversies than he came out being the talk of the town once again. This time it was his outfit that made the noise. However, social media went a bit too serious about this one.

On his ninth presentation of Yeezy production, the 45-year-old star found himself at the center of dead humorous and critical remarks owing to his bizarre step. The shirt he wore sparked a debate amongst Twitter users.

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Twitter uproars as Kanye West puts on a satirical t-shirt

Ye had a controversial t-shirt on alongside Candace Owens, that had “White Lives Matter” printed on it. This was for a secret catwalk event at Paris Fashion Week. According to reports, the phrase is a direct satirical shot at the famous slogan, “Black Lives Matter“. Undoubtedly, as anyone would have seen it coming, social media users took to Twitter to criticize the Donda rapper.

While some went on to say, “we don’t need a reminder of the worth of white lives,” others wished the rapper “nothing but the worst”.

West, a few hours ago, called the Black Lives Matter a “scam” on his Instagram stories. People all over social media are seemingly baffled and downright concerned about Kanye going to any lengths. As a result, Twitter has got an insane level of reaction from all over the world regarding the matter. While some are infuriated over the hate statement, his fans mention that defending Ye is getting hard for them.

Whereas others have mockingly remarked at his “team switching”.

This came after his abrupt end of ties with fashion brands like Gap and Adidas. According to the rapper, the authorities met for meetings without his knowledge and hence, did not serve the terms of the contract. However, this is not the first time Ye stirred controversy over crucial matters. In light of such tweets, reports also mentioned his 2018 slavery statement that said the slave system “sounds like a choice” although he later took his words back.

What are your options on such a step taken by Kanye? What would you like to chip into the controversy? We are all ears!

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