Kanye West vs Adidas: Global Giant Holds on to Yeezy Designs Even After Cutting Ties With the Billionaire Rapper Over Recent Controversies

Kanye West vs Adidas: Global Giant Holds on to Yeezy Designs Even After Cutting Ties With the Billionaire Rapper Over Recent Controversies

Yeezy sneakers are one of the most unique and influential designs that Adidas created in collaboration with Ye. The fashion designer Kanye West launched his first shoe model (Boost 750) in February 2015. Eventually, this footwear line grew into a global hit and inspired many fashion brands that established Ye and Adidas as powerful partners. Moreover, in 2020 Forbes called the Yeezy collaboration “one of the great retail stories of the century.”

However, things don’t seem to go the right way for the Donda singer, and his personal life severely affected his career. As we see how all the significant brands disengaged themselves from Ye over recent controversies. While the German company also cut ties with the hip-hop legend when people started targeting them for maintaining silence over his antisemitic statements. But will the global giant hold the million-dollar Yeezy designs?

Adidas clings to Yeezy designs after dropping Kanye West 

Adidas recently ended its partnership with the American rapper after his continuous antisemitic comments enraged people. This was a big decision for the brand as the collaboration brought huge profits to them. But the company clearly showed they won’t be maintaining a relationship with anyone harming people’s beliefs.

According to the information rolled out by Perez Hilton, Adidas seems to continue the line of sneakers without Kanye West. Missives sent out to financial clients recently by business analysts at Morgan Stanley and RBC Capital Markets it was revealed that the manufacturer will sell the designs under the brand’s name, not Yeezy.

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Moreover, a Morgan Stanley analyst stated in his note to the clients saying:

“Looking ahead,  on our understanding, the company will not sell any Yeezy-branded products and all Yeezy products will be branded under Adidas brand.”

Also, as per the RBC analyst Piral Dadhania’s statement, Adidas owns all the rights to see these designs. Therefore, they will continue to market the existing products as it legally belongs to them. Meanwhile, Foot Locker also announced the termination of its collaboration with Ye. They will also eliminate Yeezy products from all their outlets and online stores.

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What do you think about companies stepping back from the collaboration with talented designer Ye? Will the Gold Digger singer remain a Billionaire? Let us know your views in the comments!

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