“Made me feel like a Superman..” Donald Trump Supporter Kanye West Once Revealed Why He Wore the MAGA Hat

“Made me feel like a Superman..” Donald Trump Supporter Kanye West Once Revealed Why He Wore the MAGA Hat

Kanye West who stood for election once stood for the MAGA hat. The hip-hop artist is undoubtedly a conservative supporter of his ideas and has always been vocal about them. He was one of the few in the industry that opened agreed to his political stance. Though he always said the motivation behind it was to make people of all colors think for themselves.

So during the 2016 election, when business magnate Donald Trump stood for election, he had a strong ally in Kanye. Despite criticism for his support, Ye continued his stance. He even met the 45th President on several occasions. During one such meeting, he revealed his support for Trump, and why he wears the MAGA hat.

Why did Kanye West support the MAGA hat?

The Flashing Lights singer came into the spotlight for political reasons in 2016 when he donned the MAGA hat. During one meeting with Trump, Kanye spoke to the media about his support for the MAGA moment and why he wears the Maga hat. According to him, his friends tried to discourage him by wearing the hat trying to scare him.

He said, “But this hat, it gives me power in a way. The Famous singer talked about missing male energy while growing up and being married to the female Kardashian clan. Kanye’s parents (Donda and Ray West) divorced while was very young. Post their divorce he lived with his mother and missed doing things with his father. But that the Make America Great Again hat “made me feel like a Superman.”

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The artist went on to thank Trump for his contribution, and for making those hats. Ye compared the caps to Superman’s cape. Also adds how Superman is his favorite superhero. He also talked about how people expect every black person needs to be a democrat, and why he remains Red side of the political spectrum.

He was even recently seen with fellow Trump supporter Candace Owens, wearing the White Lives Matter T-shirt, stirring up controversy.

Perhaps he still sticks to his decision of wearing the MAGA hat, what do you think?  Let us know in the comments.



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