“When Jamie Foxx is on top..” – Kanye West Compares White Lives Matter Controversy to ‘Django Unchained’

“When Jamie Foxx is on top..” – Kanye West Compares White Lives Matter Controversy to ‘Django Unchained’

Kanye West is not done with being in the controversial limelight just yet. The artist usually has a lot to say, but this time it wasn’t what he said, it is what he conveyed through his clothes. Ye stirred up the celebrity industry when he wore a White Lives Matter T-shirt to a fashion show recently, the opposite to the Black Lives Matter movement fighting for equal rights for black people. Hailey Baldwin and Jiji Hadid, amongst others, united against Ye’s actions bringing him under heavy scrutiny.

Meanwhile, the Gold Digger singer has gone into a streak of posts defending his actions while attacking a new celebrity at a rapid pace. Despite the mass opinion against him, he does not seem to slow down. In fact, West is only becoming firmer, by giving an interview with Fox News where he compared his act with Jamie Foxx starrer Django Unchained.

Kanye West compares his White Lives Matter T-shirt with Jamie Foxx’s movie

West, who has come under fire for wearing a White Lives Matter T-shirt, gave an exclusive interview with news reporter Tucker Carlson on Fox News Channel. The black artist and entrepreneur compared his act of wearing the T-shirt to Jamie Foxx’s cowboy look in the movie Django Unchained. “It’s like in Django, when Jamie Foxx is on top of a horse, and Samuel Jackson is like, ‘You know, that Black guy is not supposed to be on top of the horse,’ okay,” he explained. It looks like West takes also takes a liking to Jamie, which is apparent from his social media post.

The Praise God singer wrote an Instagram post asking which actor should play him and if a movie based on the rapper was ever made. The artist responded to his own question in comments that the actor to play his role would have to be Jamie Foxx, whom Ye considers being a genius. And in his usual way, the Flashing Lights singer deleted the post. He also made several other comparisons during the interview, justifying his actions.

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Knowing from his recent history, the musician and designer have kept a strong stand against people that have opposed him, instead of apologizing. What do you think of West’s comparison of his real self to the reel character of Jamie’s Django Unchained? Let us know in the comments.

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