Kanye West Shed Light on Negative Image of Donda Academy, Says Celebrities Have To “keep up an image”

Kanye West Shed Light on Negative Image of Donda Academy, Says Celebrities Have To “keep up an image”

Every other day, Kanye West is making headlines for several reasons. The man just knows how to attract attention. He also received plenty of flak for his recent antics like the clash between him and his mother-in-law and the White Lives Matter scenario. But apart from sending the media into a frenzy with his antics, the rapper has also tried to do some good. He recently established a private academy. However, it almost went unnoticed because of his controversies.

He is never the one to shy away from criticism or speaking his mind. The Donda rapper did it once again during an interview where he spoke at length about his image and the struggles one has to face under the spotlight. 

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Watch Kanye West get real about the struggles of fame

Kanye West is one of the best-selling artists of all time. Apart from just his musical career, the guy also takes an interest in fashion. He has his fashion line Yeezy. However, it still is not so rosy for the billionaire. West admitted to struggling under the spotlight.

In a recent interview, he opened up about how his image has cast a shadow over his private school. The 45-year-old shared that his school is not receiving any support. When probed further, the songwriter revealed that it’s because celebrities are expected to keep up an “image.” Celebrities are often too concerned about netizens’ opinions and are often scrutinized brutally. 

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“It’s hard out here. It’s hard enough to raise a family, but then we have to keep up an image,” he said. The newly established Donda Academy is based in California. It’s a “gospel” school named after his mother Donda West. It was previously named the Yeezy Academy.

The father of four wishes to open even more branches of the Donda Academy in the future to shape “future leaders.” Meanwhile, he is getting lambasted by the media for his White Lives Matter slogan outfit.

Do you agree with Kanye’s comment about fame and image? 


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