Kanye West re-surfaces after days of “being missing” with a Mystery Woman in Beverly Hills

Kanye West re-surfaces after days of “being missing” with a Mystery Woman in Beverly Hills

Kanye West spotted with yet another mystery woman? The singer, all over the place with his controversies, took the internet by storm, making increasingly offensive statements. Considering the gravity of the situation, fans thought there might be a risk to his well-being. Amidst all of the drama, the singer suddenly disappeared.

His ex-manager could not find him, and the usually active social media user stopped posting anything. Different theories started popping up about where the Donda singer could be and whether he had been harmed as a result of his world. But as it turns out, the actor was spotted recently and was not alone.

Where is Kanye West and what was he up to?

While speculations about West’s whereabouts have been popping up, the singer is actually alive and well. As per all hotnewwhiphop, the entertainer is alive and well and was, in fact seen with a mystery woman recently. The two were spotted driving around in his Maybach in Beverly Hills as they entered the Waldorf Astoria hotel.

Although there is a question of who the mystery woman is. After his split with Kim Kardashian, West was linked with several women, including Julia Fox for a brief time. But many around him distanced themselves after his anti-semitic comments. After his explosive interviews, Ye had already lost a big chunk of money, but his expenditures were still high. His former manager had been looking for him to file a suit worth $4.5 million.

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But the entertainer had seemingly disappeared. He already has a case from the owner of his Calabasas office, while the court has directed him to $200k for the maintenance of his children in divorce proceedings with Kim Kardashian.nOn the other hand, he is also contesting in the 2024 Presidential elections. Several reports about his links with other women came up after his split with the Kardashian, including him cheating on her whilst she was pregnant.

The Gold Digger singer has not been linked with anyone after Julia Fox, although Ye is occasionally spotted with different people. Perhaps he is keeping things private or just enjoying a casual time. What do you think? Comment your thoughts.

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