Kanye West Playing Chess With a Squirrel Stuns TWITTER, Fans Choose Sides

Kanye West Playing Chess With a Squirrel Stuns TWITTER, Fans Choose Sides

Kanye West in the course of the past few months has become a goody bag for jokes around the globe. The Genius rapper has always been known for his funny bone. However, the past years have seen the Grammy-winning rapper indulge in a lot of dubious behavior leading many to believe that the rapper may be in some serious mental turmoil.

Nonetheless, mass concern has not stopped Ye from making headlines every second, even supposedly headlining the Black Star Line festival, and the latest, playing chess with a squirrel. A complete contrast to the images that have been circulating is an AI generation of the Donda rapper concentrating on the chess board while what seems to be a squirrel holding a joint gives the rapper a tough match. The image was first posted on Reddit, and safe to say the Internet has a lot to say.

The weird AI generation presents Kanye West losing a chess match to a squirrel

An account named weirddale posted an image of Kanye West playing chess against a squirrel on the safest place on the Internet to discuss the weirdest subjects, Reddit. And because the post was made on Reddit, instead of questioning the technicalities of why the Grammy-winning rapper’s hand looks like a baby’s foot, the users discussed other important aspects of the highly realistic AI image.


Through a traditional approach, one could consider Kanye West, a rapper with 24 Grammy’s, among the most awarded entities in hip hop, and a billionaire just a few months ago, the real star of the picture. However, it was the squirrel with a doobie in his hand that became the center of attraction.

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While many fans put their money on the squirrel without skipping a beat, many defended the rapper. As usual Ye’s fans chose the rapper’s ability to create the brilliant studio album The College Dropout as their weapon of choice.

Fans of the rapper have found comfort in the fact that he has also created albums like The College Dropout. Furthermore, eagle-eyed followers also observed that the chessboard is mostly dominated by black pieces. And it appears that Ye is playing the white pieces.

Perhaps a dig at his “White Lives Matter” stance? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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