Fragile Male Ego Behind Kanye West and Andrew Tate’s Downfall?

Fragile Male Ego Behind Kanye West and Andrew Tate’s Downfall?

The end of the year 2022 and the beginning of the new year both brought together some of the largest controversies of all time. American rapper Kanye West and British actor Andrew Tate are two names involved in these controversies respectively. Moreover, one of the largest controversies that the first half of 2022 saw was the Slapgate incident involving Will Smith and Chris Rock.

But can you see something common between all these controversies? If you have said “fragile male ego in men of color” then you are absolutely right. All three men involved in these controversies took things on their egos which landed them in the situations they are in.

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What went wrong with Kanye West and Andrew Tate?

As an article from Huff Post says, There’s a difference between having insecurities—as does every human with a pulse—and being an insecure human being.” It is said that when a human’s insecure nature comes his way, it acts like a slow poison, leading to the slow death of their career.

The same happened with Ye and Tate. Up until last year, Kanye West was at the peak of his career. Not to mention his brand. Yeezy was contributing $4–5 billion to this billionaire’s wealth. However, his constant involvement in controversies has left him in the position of a billionaire who is poorer than a dog.
Another striking example of masculine pride is Andrew Tate, who himself manifested his arrest. He responded to an international activist who just turned 20 in a way that resulted in him being in jail. After all, his misogyny had to be challenged by someone and Greta Thunberg did just that. Most importantly he got arrested under the charges of human trafficking and rape which is beyond worse.
Similarly, Ye proudly owned the anti-semantic comments he made along with defaming his ex-wife in public. And if that was not enough, he wore the “White lives Matter” shirt as the cherry on top. According to the opinionated publication, being a grown-up, one should take responsibility for their actions.  Let us hope 2023 brings the sanity of these two stars.
What is your take on the matter? How would you like to describe these horsemen of boasting pride? Pour your thoughts in the comments below.

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