Kanye West Made a Serious Allegation on the Connection Between Drake and Kris Jenner While Calling Him “Greatest rapper ever”

Kanye West Made a Serious Allegation on the Connection Between Drake and Kris Jenner While Calling Him “Greatest rapper ever”

Famously known by the name Kanye West, Ye is currently the only celebrity who is always embroiled in controversies. The Yeezy owner has been making headlines with his burning statements about his co-stars and ex-wife Kim Kardashian. Since he has a habit of speaking openly without thinking about the consequences of his words. For instance, he has been locked out of his social media accounts for sharing arguable posts. However, all of this never seemed to affect the Gold Digger rapper, even if he received backlash from people. The king of controversies recently made a shocking allegation about Kris Jenner and Drake’s connection over the years.

Kanye West made a chaotic claim about Drake and Kris Jenner

In a recent conversation with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN on the Drink Champs podcast show, Ye made a serious allegation about Kris Jenner and Drake. In the interview, Kanye West first praised the Toronto native saying he is the “greatest rapper ever.” Then he jumped to an earlier statement he made about Drake and Kris having an intimate relationship.

The 45-year-old superstar was asked by the host about his claims Drake was sleeping with Jenner. In his response, the Donda singer pointed at Corey Gamble, who has been dating Jenner for eight years. “You know what it mean… Corey [Gamble] know what it mean,” told West to the hosts.

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For people who are not aware of the whole story, Kanye posted a now-deleted screenshot on Instagram. “DRAKE A F**K YA BABY MAMA’S MAMA. THAT’S REAL WAR,” the post read. However, in the interview the Gold Digger singer did not elaborate the claim except with a comment: “Yeah that was hard.

What is the truth of Drake and Kris Jenner’s connection?

Drake’s connection with the Kardashian family has been very evident as he has been close to them all these years. However, rumors of a relationship between him and Jenner fueled when she attended his album release party in 2013. Also, the One Dance singer performed at Kylie Jenner’s 16th birthday party and met Kim there.

“She’s the boss. She’s actually in town tonight, I was trying to get her to come through. She might fall through and play a little FIFA, you know?” stated Drake.

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Drake, who has steeped in controversies himself, said that he is just a good friend to Kardashian family and Kris is his favorite. What do you think about the Yeezy owner giving such a bold statement in public? Tell us your views about this controversy in the comment section.

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