Kanye West Can Very Well Destroy Adidas the Same Way He Helped Them Create Billions of Dollars

Kanye West Can Very Well Destroy Adidas the Same Way He Helped Them Create Billions of Dollars

Kanye West helped profit from Adidas, but he could also be the reason for the company’s fall. The Flashing Lights singer has a flashy personality that is perhaps more famous than his music. Despite not being everyone’s cup of tea, the entertainer has managed to build an empire for himself through various businesses. His recent YouTube documentary Last Week also included his conversation with Adidas executives.

The designer’s recent public split with GAP gave the company quite a blow. Ye managed to stay cordial with Adidas for more than a decade, selling off his Yeezy shoes like hotcakes. But how long will it last, considering his recent actions, is a question.

Will Adidas survive without Kanye West?

Controversies and Kanye West may be words often heard, but his recent actions may make even Adidas reconsider. In fact, the star has proven to be a cash cow for any brand that he works with. However, his White Lives Matter T-shirt at a recent show drew a word of war with Vogue editor Gabriella Karefa Johnson. This was followed by his anti-Semitic comments, for which he is still getting a lot of heat.

Adidas, a German company, is finding it difficult to avoid Ye’s mistakes this time, especially the comments against Jews. He even criticized the brand’s Chief Executive Officer Kasper Rørsted. Although the company has stayed mum on its controversies so far, it is firm about having collaborations with entities that share the same values as the company.

They now have their partnership with the rapper under review, though the decision of separating with him maybe a tough one since their products give annual sales of €1bn ($974.5 million) to €1.5bn, or 4%-8% thanks to Ye’s name and massive fan following. Adding to that is the fact that the fashion company has some strong competitors in the league like Nike and Puma.

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However, the line could discontinue its future partnership with the star and continue selling its existing products. Ye, meanwhile, is trying to open his own stores to expand his own brand, though there is no saying how successful that could be. But Adidas may have to eventually decide if they can continue trusting the creative mind for further profits or must take a stand and risk losing millions.

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