Does Dropping Out of School Really Ensure a Majestic Career in Arts? Kanye West and Vincent Van Gogh Might Agree

Does Dropping Out of School Really Ensure a Majestic Career in Arts? Kanye West and Vincent Van Gogh Might Agree

The world is a place for school dropouts: A large number of famous personalities are there who never completed school. Such personalities have proved that the world is their school and knowledge can be obtained from anyone or anywhere. However, the list of school dropouts who gained recognition has two more names added to it. First is the world-famous artist Vincent van Gogh. And the other name is American Singer and rapper Kanye West.

In the year 2014, the online magazine Complex did a unique comparison between these two artists. One of the common points that came out in this comparison was both of them were school dropouts. But why did they drop out of schools?

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Kanye West dropped out of school at the age of 20

Speaking of the painter, he initially attended school in a tiny village where he and 200 other students were taught by a Catholic instructor. But, right after a year, he moved back to his hometown with his sister, where both of them were home-schooled by their parents.

Van Gogh did join the school back in the year 1864. The painter was moved to a boarding school by his family in 1864. However, the school was once again changed two years later in 1866. He received drawing training from artist Constantijn C. Huysmans there. The aspiring artist abruptly decided to leave school after two years and returned home.

On the other hand, the story of Kanye is known to a lot of people. In 1997, West enrolled in Chicago’s American Academy of Art. This was before he got transferred to Chicago State University to pursue an English degree. However, he didn’t stay there for very long.

Eventually, Ye walked out of school at the age of 20. He did that because he thought that these courses were taking way too much time and keeping him away from his music. He decided to invest time into his music by dropping out, even though his mother did not want him to.

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Ever wondered what would have happened if these geniuses were forced to attend school? Give it a thought.

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