Kanye West Lands a New Legal Attorney To Fight for Him After the Fall Out with the Previous One

Kanye West Lands a New Legal Attorney To Fight for Him After the Fall Out with the Previous One

Kanye West has landed a new attorney to continue his legal battles. After the fallout with previous attorneys, there was no one representing him during the court dates, which would cause issues. But the problem is currently resolved as the celebrity did not take long to find a new firm.

The entertainer has had both personal and professional cases piling up for a while now. It is not uncommon for celebrities to get caught in copyright, defamation, and personal issues. But despite getting top lawyers, Kanye West faced a difficult time keeping any of them on his cases.

A look into the new firm that is representing Kanye West

The Gold Digger singer may have lost a few lawyers, but he wastes no time finding a replacement. As per AllHipHop, attorney Peter Hawke will hereon be representing the singer. Paperwork has been submitted by him to the United States District Court of New York about representing West. He is one of the established lawyers of Angeli Law Group LLC. based in Oregan, Portland. Their website mentions him as being holder of the Oregan Super Lawyer of 2015, with a long list of his achievements.

Currently, the case that he will be presenting is the one with Ultra Music Publishing, which was the original applicant in the case. They accused Ye of illegal sampling of music for his Donda 2 album. The company owns the right to Jefferson’s music that was used without a proper contract or payment for the same. They blamed the singer for advocating for artists and then denying them the payment that they deserve.

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Ye’s previous lawyers dropped him as a client due to his controversies. Their journey to do get withdrawal for the same was a long one.

What happened to Ye’s previous lawyers?

Greenberg Traurig, that previously represented Ye, decided to drop him as a client after some of his strong public opinion on things. They spent months trying to track him down and serving him papers to release themselves from his case.

Ye also went through a change of lawyers during his divorce proceedings with Kardashian, although that matter was eventually settled. It will be seen how Hawke continues with the suit now.

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