Why Did Kanye West Skip the Deposition in Kim Kardashian Divorce Case? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Why Did Kanye West Skip the Deposition in Kim Kardashian Divorce Case? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Getting into a legal battle with Kanye West is not easy. His former wife, Kim Kardashian, knows that better than anyone else. The duo that once made one of the most fashionable couples in Hollywood is now making news for their rough divorce. It has not been a smooth sailing proceeding with West refusing to cooperate most of the time.

The rapper came under intense backlash for his anti-Semitic comments and harassing socialite Kim Kardashian in regard to her fashion and their kids. The 42-year-old first applied for a divorce from West in February 2021. Since then, it has been a struggle to get him to respond in court. With him missing another deposition date, the artist has just one more chance left.

Why is Kanye West missing court dates with Kim Kardashian?

Kanye West clearly does not intend to end divorce proceedings with Kim Kardashian peacefully. As per a report by TMZ, the rapper decided to miss a deposition date of getting grilled by Kardashian’s lawyer. Only one more chance remains for him before a full-fledged trial begins on 14 December. The duo had an opportunity to settle amongst themselves, but the chances of that are slim now. So far, they have deposited details of their finances. With celebrities, a settlement involves splitting millions of dollars and luxury assets.

The SKIMS owner is being represented by divorce expert Laura Wasser, while West has already gone changed five attorneys. Realizing his behavior, the court had already granted both of them the status of being single, so they could symbolically be free to move on with their lives. Meanwhile, they are constantly seen fighting over how their four kids are to be raised. Things got rough to a point that they would only communicate through their assistants.

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Although they are spotted occasionally, attending their kid’s sports events, and chatting up, to keep things normal for the children. Meanwhile, West has lost a significant amount of money as a result of brands distancing himself amidst controversies. So it remains to be seen how the finances are distributed between the couple now.

Perhaps West is missing the dates in order to postpone them. But avoiding a war does not mean you are winning. What do you think? Comment your opinions.

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