“Just wants to be rich and famous” – English Broadcaster Piers Morgan Takes a Swipe at Meghan Markle for Prince Harry’s Memoir

“Just wants to be rich and famous” – English Broadcaster Piers Morgan Takes a Swipe at Meghan Markle for Prince Harry’s Memoir

It is understandable that Meghan Markle is not in the good books of many people and tabloids in Britain. They often accuse the former American actress of separating Prince Harry from his family. Moreover, she comes under the scanner time and again for her explosive statements regarding the House of Windsor. The Duchess of Sussex has often accused certain people in the royal family of discriminating and demeaning her on the basis of her color.

Leaving behind all the incidents in the past, Meghan Markle made a statement when she actively participated in all services for the last Queen Elizabeth II. The Sussex royal was also seen shedding a tear at Queen’s state funeral at Westminster Abbey. She arrived at the funeral with the Countess of Wessex since Prince Harry walked behind the coffin. The presence of the former actress did not go well with some royal family enthusiasts, and they made sure to throw dirt at Meghan. Renowned British broadcaster Piers Morgan also made it to the headlines for using some harsh words.

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Piers Morgan again takes a jibe at Meghan Markle

While reporting for Fox News on the day of the state funeral, Piers used some demeaning words for the Duchess of Sussex. The broadcaster mentioned the relationship between the royal family and the Sussex couple as a soap opera drama. Morgan believes that people can somehow sympathize with Prince Harry for his treatment by the Royal Family.

The reporter claimed that it was high time that the Duke of Sussex wakes up and tries to mend his relationship with his father and brother. Piers also suggested Harry should stop his memoir as it can be very damaging for the newly appointed monarch King Charles III.

“I hope something wakes up inside of him. I hope he pops the book. She’s [Meghan] probably a lost cause in this because she just wants to be rich and famous,” Morgan said, as quoted by DailyStar.

This is not the first time that the English broadcaster has taken a swipe at the former American actress. Time and again, Piers has criticized Meghan for breaking the royal family and just wanting fame and money. 

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