“Just don’t”: ‘Cobra Kai’ Actor Martin Kove Warns Fans to Not Spoil Season 5

“Just don’t”: ‘Cobra Kai’ Actor Martin Kove Warns Fans to Not Spoil Season 5

Cobra Kai Season 5 is back with more kick-ass moves and a storyline. For the fans, this means a lot of excitement and a whole season to binge on. But while some are taking one episode at a time, others have binged watch it all. And Karate master Martin Cove wants to make sure that they do not spoil it for others.

The actor is also a Martial artist and was previously known for his role in the younger days of the movie Karate Kid. He is now part of Netflix’s Cobra Kai as John Kreese. The same character that he played decades earlier in the Karate-centered movie. And unlike his character in the show, he has urged people on social media to be good.

Cobra Kai actor Martin Cove has a message for fans ahead of Season 5

Martin Cove, who plays the antagonist in Cobra Kai, recently posted a message. In his own John Kreese style, he asked fans not to give out the spoilers of season 5. It comes as a message put with good intentions as fans are often disappointed by the surprise spoilers they come across for a show they have been waiting for. The fans also seem to approve of the post in the comments, lovingly referring to him as Master Sensei, as he is known in the series.

One clever fan picked John’s line from the series that is quite opposite of Martin’s tweet

One account replied with a Game of Thrones reference in an edited clip

But some have an idea of what’s coming ahead and have vowed to not give out the spoilers

So Sensei will probably be pleased reading the positive response. You wouldn’t want to mess with the character anyway. He plays a psychopathic character, after all, who would do anything to win.

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Right from the movie Karate Kid, in which he originally appeared, he and his costars Ralph Macchio and William Zabka have maintained their characters and put them perfectly in their adult version in Cobra Kai. In season 4 he is arrested by the cops for attempted murder and aggravated assault but he vows to take revenge. We expect to see more of his intentions and actions in Season 5 of Cobra Kai on 9th September Netflix.

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