“Good God, I want to live in this reality”: ‘Cobra Kai’ Fans Delve On A Thriller Ending To Season 5 with a Surprise Cameo of Two Legends

“Good God, I want to live in this reality”: ‘Cobra Kai’ Fans Delve On A Thriller Ending To Season 5 with a Surprise Cameo of Two Legends

Fan favorite comedy-drama Cobra Kai is all set to return with a fifth season on Netflix. The show is confirmed to drop on the streamer on September 9, and fans can not wait for it. The fans and the cast members have time and again announced that this year’s finale will be one of the craziest closures to a show ever. This season’s characters will be tough and courageous, making it an even greater delight for the fans to watch.

Some characters are hinted at following a redemption path while others still have some fighting left in them, and others get even more devious. But wait, what exactly is the season’s additional cast member like? As the showrunner said, will it be an “absolutely wild” ending to the show? Meanwhile, excited Reddit fans ask a wild question in a thread creating a line of another fan theory for the show. Here’s the story behind it.

Fans ask this rhetorical question about Cobra Kai season five finale with Swank in it

In the thread, a Redditor asked a slew of fans about a bizarre yet hilarious expectation from the show. The image shows Jackie Chan and Hillary Swank high up a hill and asks what if season 5 ended up with this cliffhanger. In addition to that, the fan reactions have been insane.

Honestly, these characters would be engaging and relatable. In fact, it adds something to the overall arc of the greater show itself. For all we care, they can pepper in characters from the cringe-laden and appropriately short-lived Saturday Morning cartoon. However, we all know for a fact that this Cobra Kai multiverse is far away from reality.

No matter how badly fans want a Jackie Chan cameo, a possibility with Swank is almost near impossible. Many think they missed an opportunity with season 4 because they could’ve shown up in the audience at the tournament. Since it’s not necessarily those mentioned above, just a tiny segment with Jaden smith and Jackie chan showing up for a second would send fans to space.

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How do you think the fifth season will be? What are your expectations, and who do you wish to return in the new season? Jot down your thoughts in the comments below.

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