“Hardest things she’s ever been through”: Peyton List Reveals Tory’s Biggest Struggle In Cobra Kai Season 5

“Hardest things she’s ever been through”: Peyton List Reveals Tory’s Biggest Struggle In Cobra Kai Season 5

Netflix recently confirmed that the fan-favorite show Cobra Kai would return for season 5 on September 9. The new season will be an epic ride of rivalries and revenge as we saw Terry Silver betraying John Kreese in the fourth season. The last season also ended with Terry wishing to become the sole owner of the Cobra Kai academy, for which he planned to get Kreese arrested under the false accusation, and viewers will see him in jail in season 5.

Considering their long-standing history of grudges and ego clashes, this was going to happen someday. With more new faces and battles in the show, fans will also get to see the wounds of the past brewing once again. In addition to the excitement, Peyton List, aka Tory Nichols, has revealed her character’s biggest struggle of season 5. Read on to know everything about it!

Cobra Kai season 5 will be difficult for Tory Nichols says Peyton List 

In a recent conversation with Screenrant, Peyton List revealed the problems her character will face in season 5. She talked about the relationship Kreese and Tory shared during the whole series. And now that he is behind bars, the unguided character will have to face bigger challenges alone.

“So, for him to be locked up and to be away, it takes a major toll on her and it’s probably one of the hardest things she’s ever been through,” said List. Moreover, she added that she has always loved the beautiful connection her character shares with Kreese in the show. Unfortunately, he will not be there for her as he used to be.

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The cruel sensei had a soft spot for Tory in the show

We have always seen Kreese as a tough man who could not take defeat lightly and never had an emotional relationship with others. However, he was protective of Tory and always stood by her side like a parent whenever Amanda LaRusso poked her.

Tory has always lived in an unhealthy environment back at home, and when she started feeling safe with a person, he was gone. Meanwhile, the new season will soon unravel all the things List’s character will face. And how Kreese takes his revenge will have significant consequences.

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What do you think he will do to get free from jail? And will Tory come out strong when her guiding light is gone from Cobra Kai?

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