Julia Garner Steps Up the Louise Brooks Game for The Gucci’s 2023 Spring Show

Julia Garner Steps Up the Louise Brooks Game for The Gucci’s 2023 Spring Show

The Ozark standout supernova Julia Garner A.K.A Ruth Langmore has been having the entire year to herself. Winning all the accolades that she deserved, the star has been living her best life. Starting from the hoard of Emmys that she won to being referred to as a fashion icon of the era, the actress has truly established herself as one of the most potent and vibrant actresses of all times. 

After sweeping away the Emmys once again this year, the actress is back in the headlines. This time for her elegant yet classic outfit that she donned for the Gucci Spring Fashion Show recently. After her stunning award-receiving jet black velvet gown, this was another black outfit that Garner slayed. Here is a complete description of it. 

Julia Garner once again channelized her inner tomboy into one of the most iconic looks ever

The star landed in Italy just four days ago to grace the event with her arresting beauty. After daunting a breathtaking skinny gown, the actress put on a seemingly light casual jumpsuit heavily loaded with her aura and charisma. With two broad shoulder straps running down her waist, the outfit also had some diamond-shaped cutouts that exposed her midriff. 

Adding to it was the broad choker necklace set of lustrous pearls that adhered to her scruff. Quite evidently this classic vintage look was inspired by a marvelous amalgamation of Louise Brooks and Linda Evangelista of the ’90s. Garner’s personal stylist and friend, Elizabeth Saltzman reportedly designed it putting a lot of effort into the attire. 

About the makeup and the hair, as many of you might not have noticed, it also shared some striking similarities between Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby once again. The megastar pulled off the same sophisticated curl with a bob cut that she had previously flaunted in one of her interviews.

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Needless to say, Julia absolutely nailed this ensemble of what she referred to as “a Hollywood tomboy.” She rather kicked off the inspired looks to an unmatched level. However, Garner still thinks she is not as beautiful as the other big names in the industry. Having accomplished such success in her twenties, the actress gives herself little or no credit that she deserves. 

How did you like Julia Garner’s latest outfit? Have you seen Ozark yet? If not, you are missing out on life, my friend. Stream it now only and only on Netflix.

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