Julia Garner Once Said She Could Not Play the Role of a 15-Year-Old Girl With Daddy Issues for THIS Obvious Reason, “I would not do this role if…”

Julia Garner Once Said She Could Not Play the Role of a 15-Year-Old Girl With Daddy Issues for THIS Obvious Reason, “I would not do this role if…”

Many have watched Ozark worldwide and acknowledged Julia Garner as one of most revolutionary actresses of all times. However, Ozark wasn’t the only show Julia has ever been on. Prior to the hit crime and thriller series, the star was known for a similarly quirky and unconventional role in The Americans. The Spy and thriller series first aired in 2013 bought the actress mainstream recognition and fame years before she kicked it up a notch in Ozark.

Let’s have an insight into the actress’s previous roles in her television network series.

Julia Garner throws light upon her character in the The Americans

In an interview with The Vulture, Julia opened up one her character, Kimberly in The Americans. She was asked about how different it felt to play a fifteen year loner suburban girl unknowingly getting along with an older KGB officer. Garner replied that all the hesitation and uncomfort that the audience feels is because of the age difference. Her character was just fifteen and that would obviously be weird. She confessed she wouldn’t ever play the role if she was fifteen in real life then. But she approached her character while imbibing Kimmy’s problems as her own. 

Garner then addressed the tendency of younger girls getting together with guys much older to them by giving into their ‘daddy issues.’ “Her dad’s not in the picture very much. You hear a lot of stories where young girls tend to go with old guys because of this,” Julia said.

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Garner’s Kimberly Breland and her backstory in the FX Spy series

This is a show about a Russian couple deceitfully residing in the US to spy on the government. Julia plays the role of Kimberly Breland, a lost teenager and the daughter of a secret CIA agent. This makes her prone to be the most vulnerable target of a Russian spy. She is alienated from friends of her own age, neglected by her working parents for which she seeks a friendship with Philip, the soviet wolf in an American sheep’s attire.

The Spy tries harder than ever to reach her father, using her as an unsuspecting asset but isn’t able to help Kimmy’s growing affection for him with each passing day. What happens next is history. We’d leave it to y’all to know where the family ended up after unintentionally getting their daughter in the hands of an enemy.

Meanwhile stream all episodes of Ozark’s Ruth Langmore reminiscing Kimberly Breland.

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