Jimmy Fallon Finds the Weirdest Reason to Thank Netflix’s Newest Thriller ‘The Gray Man’

Jimmy Fallon Finds the Weirdest Reason to Thank Netflix’s Newest Thriller ‘The Gray Man’

The Gray Man is one of the biggest hits on Netflix right now. This action-thriller from Netflix is a big-budget film. The directors of the film, the Russo Brothers, who have directed Marvel blockbusters, understood how to film fast, expansive action scenes. Recently, the lead of the film, Ryan Gosling, appeared on The Tonight Show.

The host of the show, Jimmy Fallon, recently thanked The Gray Man. Read more to find out what he thanked it for.

What are Jimmy’s “Thank you notes”?

Jimmy Fallon, the host of The Tonight Show, is a man who is known for expressing “thank you.” He drafts weekly thank-you cards, a ritual he carried over from his time hosting Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. It is one of Fallon’s best Tonight Show jokes. Jimmy is known for his amazing sense of humor.

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Jimmy Fallon is incredibly thankful. He has even written a book based on his TV program. He expresses gratitude to the family that is going slowly in front of him on the sidewalk. From the light bulb, he’s too lazy to change to the F12 key on his computer keyboard. He expresses gratitude to microbreweries for making his drinking appear to be a fun pastime.

What did he thank The Gray Man for?

However, in his July 22 draft, he thanked Netflix’s The Gray Man. He thanked the film in a unique way: “Thank you, Gray Man, for being a new Netflix thriller about two men fighting to the death over whether it’s spelled G-R-A-Y or G-R-E-Y.” Are you from England?

In addition, he thanked other things in segment two. He thanked The Bachelorette by saying, “Thank you this season of the Bachelorette for having two bachelorettes, which sounds crazy until you realize it also has two Justins, two Jareds, and 38 Jordan R’s.”

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All in all, Jimmy has a unique way of thanking things while including a punch. It sure makes you laugh and leaves a message. If you really want to know the difference between the G-R-E-Y and the G-R-A-Y man, watch The Gray Man on Netflix.


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