“Jedi training” – Remember the Time When Henry Cavill’s Dog Jumped in Excitement Over a ‘Star Wars’ Track?

“Jedi training” – Remember the Time When Henry Cavill’s Dog Jumped in Excitement Over a ‘Star Wars’ Track?

Along with Henry Cavill, his dog is also a big fan of the fantasy world. The Man of Steel actor’s love for pets is just one of the reasons he is much loved. While fans are gaga over the entertainer, he shares that love with his dog, who is apparently a big fan of Star Wars. The actor who is quite active on social media often posts selfies and videos of Kal.

Kal is smartly named after the Superman character. Now, fans of the fantasy franchise celebrated Star Wars, Day on 17th May 2017. Joining them in the celebration was Cavill and his ever-excited dog, Kal.

Henry Cavill’s dog could not contain himself as the Star Wars music played

While the world of the internet sang songs of glory for Star Wars,, Henry Cavill celebrated it with his dog in 2017. The actor took to Instagram to show how his pet dog Kal was dancing in excitement to ‘Battle of the Heroes’, a song from Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. You can see the dog jumping for joy and twirling around as the music plays. Cavill captioned the video as “Jedi Training” while putting on the hashtag #MayThe4thBeWithYou. 

The hashtag originally comes as a combination of the Star Wars day observed on 4th May and the iconic phrase ‘may the force be with you.’ In this case, it’s his companion that has been with him for a long time, often joining him on the sets of his movies and traveling along.

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As for Star Wars, the former Witcher actor is more than a typical fan of the franchise. While he may not return for Superman in the future, there were hints of being attached to this inter-galaxy-themed series.

How Henry Cavill has had a connection with Star Wars

Cavill broke many hearts with the announcement about not doing Man of Steel 2. But as per Express, Jon Favreau and Cavill were speculated to be in discussion back in 2022 over a Star Wars project. The franchise clearly has no end as it’s reintroduced to newer generations through shows and movies.

After leaving DC, perhaps the actor could find a new intergalactic journey with future projects. Meanwhile, fans will probably be kept entertained as he enjoys his journey with Kal.

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Do you think Cavill’s dog could perhaps join Star Wars with him? Comment your thoughts.

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