‘Star Wars’ Has the Perfect Vacancy for Henry Cavill, DC Can Take a Backseat

‘Star Wars’ Has the Perfect Vacancy for Henry Cavill, DC Can Take a Backseat

Henry Cavill has just made his big exit from the DC universe that kept him waiting for nearly five years. And within a month of giving him, the role took it back from him. While the announcement was already sad enough, what fans could just not make amends with is the fact that James Gunn and Peter Saffran did not have a place in their new universe for Cavill to play Superman.

And now, call it retaliation, revenge, or just having functional eyes, fans are backing Henry Cavill to become a part of other big studios. While the actor has countless times been summoned to Marvel’s side of things, this time around, fans imagine him to be a part of the iconic science fiction world of Star Wars.

Fans want Henry Cavill to join the Star Wars franchise

Henry Cavill exiting The Witcher and DC Universe has fans coming together like never before. Fans of the Snyder verse are all on the same page as Cavill fans accept that what happened with Henry Cavill was undeserved. While the actor himself did not take too long to announce a project that fans knew he would shine, many are hell-bent on seeing Henry Cavill in Star Wars. After the mistreatment he received from the DC universe, fans want Cavill to join another brilliant, prominent universe.

And Star Wars, with its devoted fandom and years of relevance, is right up that alley. Furthermore, fans think he is best suited for the role of Dash Rendar in the Star Wars world.

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Dash Render is a ruthless smuggler who claims to be better than Solo. Moreover, he also joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Rendar had once joined hands with Luke and Leia to fight off Price Xizor.

The character exists in the book Solo: A Star Wars Story: Tales from Vandor, and bringing Henry Cavill into the picture would be the right move for both Cavill and the studio. However, according to the genius behind the book, they do not have any plans of turning Dash Rendar into a part of a major project. DC may have closed its doors for Cavill, but the entire industry has them open.

Do you want to see Henry become a part of the Star Wars universe? Let us know in the comments below.

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