“You’re forgiven”- Back When Henry Cavill Had to Forgive an Interviewer Over This Huge Comic Book Mistake

“You’re forgiven”- Back When Henry Cavill Had to Forgive an Interviewer Over This Huge Comic Book Mistake

Portraying a powerful and larger-than-life character is hard. The actors have to accurately understand and justify the character. While DC Comics characters have a huge fan following, the standards increased when Henry Cavill appeared as Superman. Fans instantly fell in love with his portrayal of the character. However, Cavill is a well-known defender of source materials. Thus, when his film, Man of Steel hit the theaters, in an interview, he had to forgive an interviewer for making a huge comic book mistake.

The British actor will not wear the Superman cape anymore. However, when he first appeared as Kal-El, fans instantly loved him. In Cavill’s interview with Elvis Mitchell, he opened up about a lot of things regarding Superman and the film, Man of Steel. Mitchell asked the Superman actor if playing Clark Kent was an instinctive thing for Cavill.

And the actor immediately pointed out the mistake. Clark Kent is the Earth name of Superman. Thus, the interviewer apologized as well. “You’re forgiven,” said Cavill as they both shared a laugh.

As the actor also elaborated on the question, he talked about the difference between Clark Kent and Kal-El. Cavill described the human side of the character as he grew up with them and how Kent differed from a regular human being.

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What did Henry Cavill say about Superman and his human side?

Because the Kryptonian grew up with human parents, according to Cavill, Kent always had to be careful. However, Clark Kent is not a human being, thus everything he does has to be thoughtful, said the actor. As Clark Kent had superpowers, no one could physically harm him. However, he could do it; he could see in the dark. Kent could hurt his mother if he hugged her a little tightly. Thus, as said by the 39-year-old actor, Kent always had to pretend in the world of human beings.

Kent wasn’t afraid of anything. Despite having superpowers, the character had feelings. And therefore, said Cavill, Kent had to be careful about emotions not getting control over him. Revealing the crux of his character, the Man of Steel actor said, Kent didn’t react to things the way humans did because of his power.

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This explanation by the actor indicates how deeply he embodied the character.

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