Does Hawk (Jacob Bertrand) From Cobra Kai Really Have A Hawk Tattoo And A Cleft Lip?

Does Hawk (Jacob Bertrand) From Cobra Kai Really Have A Hawk Tattoo And A Cleft Lip?

Fans around the world are always curious about the real-life characteristics of their favorite character. The Cobra Kai series on Netflix became an instant hit and started gathering devoted fans. Significantly, as one of the most entertaining and inspirational shows on the mega streaming platform, fans would like to know every intricate detail about the show. Many of you must be wondering if Jacob Bertrand, who plays Hawk on the show, actually has the Hawk tattoo and the cleft lip or not?

Are the Hawk’s tattoo and cleft lip real?

The above question quite intrigued the Cobra Kai fandom. However, their beloved character, Eli “Hawk” Moskowitz, revealed the answer in an interview with NBC Los Angeles. He talked about the dire process of styling his own hair into a mohawk, clearing doubts of the fans who thought it was a wig.

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“So I have to get everything: the mohawk, the tattoo, the lip. All of it. It’s a good hour and half, two hours. The mohawk takes an hour. And it’s all my real hair. And it’s way too much hairspray is what I would say. We go through so many bottles of hairspray. It’s not that bad. The tattoo is a temporary tattoo. It comes in three pieces and the lip scar is also a little tattoo,” said the Cobra Kai star.

Any particular reason for Jacob Bertrand having no real tattoos?

His reason for not having any real tattoos is as sincere and kind as his real personality. In an interview with Linda Marie, the Cobra Kai star’s response while being asked about real tattoos is highly relatable, No, no! I was 17 when we shot it so I didn’t have a chance to get a tattoo. I would love for Hawk to get more tattoos for the next season. I keep calling and texting the writers, Josh and Hayden, c’mon guys, Hawk needs more tattoos to show off! I would love to get tattoos in real life but I don’t think my mom would ever let me” said the 21-year-old on Fan Fest News.

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We hope this strikes out at least a couple of questions in the fan’s minds. Real tattoos or not, the fans love and support Hawk as he soars the skies.

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