WATCH: Vanessa’s Introduction in Cobra Kai Was Enough for Us to Become Fans of Julia Macchio

WATCH: Vanessa’s Introduction in Cobra Kai Was Enough for Us to Become Fans of Julia Macchio

If the name Macchio rings a bell in your head, then your educated guess is correct. Vanessa Macchio is Ralph Macchio’s daughter. Macchio is best known for his role as the protagonist of the original Karate Kid films, followed by his reprising of the same role in the spin-off series Cobra Kai. But, who is Julia Macchio? Here’s all you need to know about her.

Who is Julia Macchio?

Ralph Macchio has two children: his daughter Julia, and a son named Daniel. His firstborn is a 29-year-old actress. She made her first appearance in the industry in the role of Lucy in the comedy feature film Girl Most Likely.

Later, she appeared in a television movie called Wholly Broken, followed by her most recent project Stella’s Last Weekend.

Julia Macchio has only appeared in 3 acting projects so far, making Cobra Kai her fourth and most recent television appearance. Macchio’s interests also lie in modeling and dancing, as suggested by her Instagram profile. In fact, she was the choreographer in the 2019 Universal Pictures production, The Rest of My Life.

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What role does Julia Macchio play in Cobra Kai?

The LaRussos have had many obstacles in their way as parents. While Sam could be a bit more amiable and infinitely more sensible, Anthony wasn’t quite so. We don’t see a lot of him, but we know for certain that he isn’t the easier child to deal with.

To help with his screen dependency that we have been seeing since the very beginning of the Netflix Original, the LaRussos decide to “go pro“. And in comes cousin Louie, who wants to bring in another cousin, Vanessa LaRusso.

Considering how irresponsible Louie can be, fans and the LaRussos didn’t have high expectations from Vanessa. But boy, oh boy, did she surprise us?

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Julia Macchio didn’t have a very pivotal role to play in Cobra Kai (yet), but her limited time on the screens certainly was pleasant indeed. It isn’t many times that we watch Amanda LaRusso being wrong about anything. And when her assumption of Vanessa or as she likes to call her, “Marissa Tomei Junior” was completely off the point, she took it graciously, making for a scene that was the perfect blend of wholesome and funny.

Are you looking forward to more of Vanessa in the Netflix series? We know that we certainly are!

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