“It’s like comparing apples and oranges”: Julia Garner On Her Preference Between Ruth and Anna Accents

“It’s like comparing apples and oranges”: Julia Garner On Her Preference Between Ruth and Anna Accents

Julia Garner and the saga of her sweeping away the Emmys every consecutive year is endless. 2022 has been entirely her year. The star has been the rightful winner of two Primetime Emmys since 2019 and now we have a hat-trick. Julia once again proved to be the best of all other supporting actresses in a motion movie or a thriller series or show.

A few hours ago, the 28-year-old star who marveled as Ruth Langmore in the crime-drenched thriller series Ozark bagged another Emmy award home for her spine-chilling performance in the final season. Donning a pitch black dress with intricate platinum blond designs, the star made an astonishing appearance while receiving the award. After she received the award, she was asked to choose between Ruth and Anna, and the actress had an interesting answer.

Who did Julia Garner like playing the most?

In a flurry of questions, some reporters asked Julia about the accents of two of her top-tier characters, Ruth and Anna. A Variety staff member asked her who she enjoyed playing and whose accent she liked more out of both. Answering this, Julia replied saying, “They’re so different so it’s kind of like comparing apples and oranges.

She further adds Ruth was more sing-songy and instantly switched right into her accent as a soul would change bodies. On the other hand, Anna has a flat and glottic accent having a heavy amount of Russian twang. There are striking differences between the two speech mannerisms.

Ruth’s accent originates from the southern part of the United States, while Anna’s is native to Russia. However, no matter how polar opposites the two accents were, Julia had nailed them both. There could not have been a more flawless way of representing the two characters. The star ended up saying she loved them both dearly.

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The award she received in the Emmys is a testament to her tremendous training and well-organized, disciplined hard work over the years. The star was reportedly shooting for Ozark and Inventing Anna simultaneously for months. All her hard work finally paid off last night when she added another milestone to her name. Both garnished with beauty and brain, Julia Garner and her tremendous stardom go down in History written in golden pages.

Catch both of her greatest works on Netflix.

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