“It’s in conflict with…” – Oscar Winning ‘Blonde’ Co-star Opens Up on Marilyn Monroe and Her Interpretation in the Netflix Movie

“It’s in conflict with…” – Oscar Winning ‘Blonde’ Co-star Opens Up on Marilyn Monroe and Her Interpretation in the Netflix Movie

The psychological drama Blonde has finally arrived on Netflix after much-awaited glimpses of Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe. Based on the novel by Joyce Carol Oates, the story takes on a fictionalized version of her life and career. The American emblem of the era’s sexual revolution and a major icon of pop culture had a life that became a horrific legend for people. From spending her life in a foster home to becoming the golden face of Hollywood, there was much more to Monroe’s tale.

Even though her movies were box office hits, her personal life was still a mess. The newest documentary arrived with a blast at the Venice Film Festival this month. However, fans felt betrayed by the adaptation which presented the story in cruel ways. Seeing all the backlash, Oscar-winning co-star opened up on Marilyn Monroe and her interpretation of the film.

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Blonde actor gave an insight into the presentation of the Netflix Original

The acclaimed actor Adrien Brody sat down with Hollywood Reporter on Thursday to talk about Blonde after its release on Netflix. The film has received mixed reviews from critics and the public, as many were struck by De Armas’s performance. Meanwhile, others viewed the biopic as an exploitative, sexist, and dehumanizing depiction of the “blonde bombshell.”

During the conversation, the interviewer asked Brody what he thinks about the presentation of Blonde. Since the director seemed to take this trauma and exploitation of Monroe into the horror genre instead of a biography. Adrien Brody, who has played the role of Arthur Miller in Andrew Dominik’s movie, defended them.

“It’s brave and it takes a while to digest. And I think it’s in conflict with what the public’s perception of her life is,” explained Brody.

He said that the drama is an “astute interpretation” and it dives deep into the painful journey of this actor’s life. Viewers get a firsthand experience of all the trauma and exploitation she has gone through in the industry with this movie. According to the King Kong star, the director has broken the glorious wall between perception and reality. Blonde showed all the turmoil, loneliness, and abuse this iconic star has gone through. Therefore, it might be overwhelming for many to see the true and fearless face of a human’s life.

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However, Brady thinks that the movie is a remarkable achievement for both actors and filmmakers. Do you agree with the statement given by Adrien Brody? Have you watched the movie yet? If yes, then share your views with us in the comment section.

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