Why Is ‘Blonde’ Receiving Backlash From the People? Heres Everything You Need to Know About the Netflix Film

Why Is ‘Blonde’ Receiving Backlash From the People? Heres Everything You Need to Know About the Netflix Film

Marilyn Monroe born Norma Jeane Mortenson whose popularity reached unfathomable heights after playing the ”blonde bombshell” in various films is one of Hollywood’s greatest icons. The iconic figure was the highest-grossing actor of her time. But beneath the stardom was the appalling media treatment that the actress had to face. And when the star passed away in 1962 at just age 36, she again became a spectacle. There have been countless recounts of her life, the most recent being the Netflix film. Blonde on Netflix is the OTT Mughals’ first ever 18+ production.

The makers marketed it as a biopic of late Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe. While fans of the late actress once again questioned why can’t Hollywood let her go, the mass public got excited as soon as posters of Ana De Armas as Marilyn Monroe were dropped. The movie came out on Netflix on the 28th of September. And the criticisms have surpassed the noise that the hype created.

What is wrong with Blonde on Netflix?

Fans are furious after watching the so-called ‘biographical’ film. A huge factor behind it is the fact that Blonde is adapted from Joyce Carol Oates’s book of the same name. Oates’ book is a fictional account of the actress’s life whereas the movie marketed itself as a biography. Events from her life are blown out of proportion in Blonde on Netflix. Furthermore, the death of the actress leads to the rise of many conspiracy theories. One, in particular, is the involvement of John F.Kennedy which was explored in both the movie and the book. This is a popular conspiracy theory with no real proof.

This again adds evidence to the case that Netflix’s Blonde just plays more into the public’s fantasy of the actress’s life. While some fans were willing to ignore the over-the-top storytelling in favor of Ana De Armas‘ brilliant performance, there is one scene that cannot be ignored.

Contrary to the leading actresses’ claims that Blonde is going to be a ‘feminist take’ on Monroes’ life, the flick recounts an abortion in an unsettling manner. The scene includes a baby in Marilyn’s uterus begging not to be aborted.

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Given the current situation, this did not sit well with the audience. Andrew Dominik reasons with BFI saying “I’m trying to create her experience. I’m trying to put the audience through the same thing. I’m not concerned with being tasteful”.

While the Netflix biopic aimed to be a real account it only shows what the public has seen so many times. You can stream the movie on Netflix and let us know your own opinions in the comments below.

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