“It’s hurtful, I think, probably right?”: Jason Bateman on Jimmy Fallon’s Impression of Marty Byrde From Ozark

“It’s hurtful, I think, probably right?”: Jason Bateman on Jimmy Fallon’s Impression of Marty Byrde From Ozark

Over the last few years, Ozark has carved a niche for television shows. Every episode is so detailed, it looks like a movie. It received critical acclaim for its production values, writing, and of course, phenomenal acting. The final episodes of Ozark season 4 part 2 episodes are out. But before they did, promotions were in full fledge. The cast, including Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, and Julia Garner made multiple appearances for promotional interviews ahead of the premiere. As part of the promotions, Jason Bateman went to an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon recently, and indulged in some Fallon-fun.

Was Fallon adequate at his impression of Jason Bateman?

Fallon was all praises for the cast of Ozark from Julia to Laura. And when it was Jason’s turn to be complimented, the talk host simply said, “I can’t imagine any other human being doing you.” However, his admiration for the actor ran father because he had previously tried to do an impression of Jason once. Jason, being aware of this, replied, “I kinda forget, it’s hurtful, I think, probably right?

Their little banter resulted in Fallon finally doing an impression of Bateman’s Marty:

To everyone’s surprise, he did it so well even Jason got impressed. Jimmy further revealed that people asked him to do the impression all the time. Jason spoke extensively about how David Fincher influenced him and the symbols at the start of every Ozark episode.

Jason’s role as Marty Byrde

We know Jason Bateman for having a comedy background because of his work in sitcoms and comedy movies. He’s been working in front of the camera since the age of 11. He debuted in the seventh season of Little House at the Prairie, a famous ’90s sitcom. So his role as Marty, a money launderer who works for a drug cartel didn’t quite fit his images in people’s minds. His role was intense, grim, practical, and full of serious responsibilities (including cleaning a dead body). But now, after all the seasons, people know there couldn’t have been anybody better than Jason to play the role.

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Ozark has received a whopping 32 Emmy nominations! It’s the best critically acclaimed show and it also pleases the masses. It’s really sad that it’s coming to an end, so parting with Ozark has to be bittersweet for everybody, not just the cast.

All seasons of Ozark is streaming on Netflix.

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