“It’s gotten out of control” – ‘Ozark’ Queenpin Julia Garner Has a Tough Time Dealing With the Strange Social Media and Its Ways

“It’s gotten out of control” –  ‘Ozark’ Queenpin Julia Garner Has a Tough Time Dealing With the Strange Social Media and Its Ways

Being a superstar does not come easy, at least not for all. While some giants of the industry are well accustomed to the extensive popularity and fame that comes with being a profound star, others might find it to be a bit too overwhelming to handle. Similar is the case with the Ozark standout Julia Garner. The critically acclaimed actress who played the fearless and savage crime lord Ruth Langmore of the Ozarks has a completely different scenario when it comes to dealing with the excessive need to socialize. 

In Garner’s recent interview with Vanity Fair, the three-time Emmy Winner broke down various topics related to the world of acting and its ways. In the course of the same, the star also shared her take on social media and how she fails to understand the way it functions. 

After her breakout performance as Ruth Langmore skyrocketed in the industry, the star was bombarded with an overwhelming amount of love and swept clean all accolades, humbled and well-deserved. However, she has always found socializing a bit too hard, or so the actress confessed in the interview. When asked about her relationship with the flourishing social media, Garner affirmed that she is all fine with “not playing the game a hundred percent.” 

She further explains that the only time she goes online is when she has a show to promote or something precious to share. Thus, Garner does not understand why some actors are overly self-conscious and apologize to their audience for not posting for a day or two. According to her the social media usage has “gotten out of control.”

Aside from calling current social media use “very strange,” the actress also touched upon her acting career in her cover interview with Vanity Fair. 

Julia Garner talks of the acting industry and its ways 

In the interview, Julia Garner also spoke about her career strategies and the kind of projects and deals she works for in the industry. The actress never envisioned a career as an actor until booking Martha Mary Marlene, and once she did, she worked hard to reach her current level.

A still of Julia Garner from Ozark
Credit: Imago

Interestingly, before joining Ozark, Garner had a “dry year” and the actress confessed to have felt hopeless about her career. She apparently felt like at 21, she wasn’t too old but she wasn’t a young, new actor in the scene either, whom the industry might favor. So, when she did get the part of Ruth in the Netflix Original, she felt like she had much left to do.

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Speaking of her projects, the latest updates about the star reveal her most anticipated Madonna biopic has been scrapped and is no longer happening. The Pop icon, who was supposedly directing the entire biopic, has opted out of it for a world tour. The project was already suffering indefinite delays and now is no longer in development at Universal Pictures. 

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