“They love a shiny new toy…” – ‘Ozark’s Queenpin Julia Garner Speaks of Her Experience of Staying Afloat in the Tough Acting World

“They love a shiny new toy…” – ‘Ozark’s Queenpin Julia Garner Speaks of Her Experience of Staying Afloat in the Tough Acting World

Ozark fans might have been feeling a bit outdated but Julia Garner is once again to your rescue. The unforgettable crime-drenched thriller series has left its mark in the industry and no one is getting over it anytime soon, especially the three-time Emmy Winning Actress who played the unconventional cut-throat crime lord, Ruth Langmore. The 29-year-old was once again seen exploring her massive success and what she is aiming for in the upcoming years. 

The Ozark standout might have accomplished pretty much everything a 29-year-old star might even think of achieving, but Garner is not yet done. Talking to Vanity Fair about her plans for at least five years from now, the star explored how Ozark has really pushed her to go beyond her limits to make a difference. At a time when she hardly had any hopes left with her, it was Ozark‘s Jason Bateman’s alt ego Marty Byrde, Wendy, and the entire cast who made her feel at home.

Julia Garner breaks down on acting world and its ways 

Carrying the same spirit all along the way, Julia Garner has made it easier for us to understand the entertainment industry and its ways. The Vanity Fair asked the star about her career strategizing to which Garner went all candid about her ways of making her own mark. Giving us a major flashback to her early 20s, Garner revealed how life was not too kind to her back then. “I was not getting jobs for a few months, it was really hard” affirmed the star. It was at that point she made up her mind that if she is in the place in five years, she will not be going ahead with it. 

At a very young age, Garner had this thing straight in her mind the industry looks out for blooming stars. She explains how back when she was 21, she realized she was not 17 or 16 anymore and that it is getting tougher for everyone in the race with each passing year. “They love a shiny new toy,” said the actress. She further elaborated on how when you have already reached your 20s you need to gear up to keep pace with the rapidly growing industry. 

Garner owes it all to Ozark for helping her push further 

We might not be aware of it, but the universe does want the best for us. And for Julia Garner, it unlocked a brand new era that looks up to her as a rising star. All of the hopelessness and disappointment was before Garner signed up for her best of all times, Ozark. Ever since she broke the internet with her signature blonde pixies and the savage, foul-mouthed charisma, her career has only been going uphill. 

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