Julia Garner Adds Another Accolade To Her Collection as Her Unconventional Ruth Langmore Brings Home Golden Globes 2023 for Netflix’s ‘Ozark’

Julia Garner Adds Another Accolade To Her Collection as Her Unconventional Ruth Langmore Brings Home Golden Globes 2023 for Netflix’s ‘Ozark’

Julia Garner has become one of the most sought-after actresses in the industry ever since the world witnessed Ruth Langmore’s gut-wrenching rise and fall through the ruins of Lake Ozark. Although her cutting-edge breakout character gave us an early goodbye before the series ended, Garner’s journey is nowhere near an end. During the lifespan of the Netflix blockbuster, Julia Garner bagged most of her accolades due and well-deserved. The three-time Emmy Winner has now leveled up the bars for all other unconventional characters in the game by continuing her award sweeps with another major win.

Ruth Langmore undoubtedly resigned to her fate of the cursed Langmores but left behind her legacy of victory for her alter ego, Julia Garner, to accomplish. Recently, after becoming the youngest to bag multiple SAG nominations for her cut-throat performance in the gritty crime-drenched thriller series, Garner has won what is called one of the four horsemen of success for any actor in the industry. 

Julia Garner wins Golden Globes for Best Supporting Actress 

With another breathtaking ensemble and her signature pixie blonde hair, the Queenpin of Ozark walked right onto the stage to bring home another title for the team. Snatching the Crown from Elizabeth Debicki, Garner made it her own for the Best Supporting Actress in musical, comedy, or drama Series at the 2023 Golden Globes on Tuesday. This was her first gold win in a budding career of 11 years. During her acceptance speech, the 28-year-old mentioned that she was “overwhelmed” to achieve it all. 

This time, however, she made sure to mention her husband, Mark Foster, in the acknowledgments, unlike the previous hilarious snubs at Emmys. Her backstage celebration at the afterparty showed the actress’ neverending satisfaction and gratitude. It comes as no surprise that the star also had another Golden Globes nomination for knocking another anti-hero character off the park, Anna Delvy for Inventing Anna

Her nerve-bending thrilling performance in the final season has been her best work to date. The Ozark team is elated to continue the victory streak. Fans, meanwhile, can no longer contain their excitement for their favorites. Undoubtedly so, Garner’s portrayal of Ruth has been the greatest gift for her, and for us as well. 

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What are your opinions about the star turning another pillar down? How did you like her character in the drug laundering crime-drenched story? Stream Ozark on Netflix if you have not already witnessed Garner’s award-winning performance.

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