“It sounds ridiculous, but it is…” – Throwback to When Henry Cavill Channeled His Inner Geek to Explain Warhammer to Graham Norton

“It sounds ridiculous, but it is…” – Throwback to When Henry Cavill Channeled His Inner Geek to Explain Warhammer to Graham Norton

Today, when we talk about the greatest actors of our generation, one cannot help but name Henry Cavill in it. The Man of Steel star is one of the most popular actors in Hollywood and over the years gave the audience some of the finest films to the audience. Furthermore, the actor’s life beyond the screen also interests and intrigues his fans. Cavill lives a very exciting life beyond the cameras where he is often seen indulging in the nerd culture. The British star is a huge nerd for fantasy novels, video games, and even Warhammer characters.

The actor’s love for Warhammer characters is not unknown to the masses. Time and again, Cavill has spoken about his interest for the tabletop franchise. Furthermore, the Enola Holmes star updates the fans about him painting his Warhammer Army on social media as well. And previously, during an appearance on the Graham Norton show along with Tom Holland and Zendaya, Cavill had his moment where he talked in detail about Warhammer characters.

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Henry Cavill and his love for Warhammer

It seems like Henry Cavill is an unofficial brand ambassador for Warhammer characters. For instance, during his previous appearance on The Graham Norton Show, the Enola Holmes star was very quick to correct the host when Norton confused his hobby of Warhammer with World of WarCraft. Correcting the host, Cavill spoke, “Its Warhammer.”

After clearing Graham’s doubt, Cavill talked about Warhammer in detail. The Man of Steel star revealed that there are two sides to his hobby, the painting side and the gaming side to Warhammer. Norton questioned Cavill about what he does with the characters after painting them to which Cavill spoke, “Then you, erm, you put them together in little armies and you fight against someone else’s army. It’s actually—it is fun! It sounds ridiculous, but it is fun.” Interestingly, even Tom Holland volunteered to come up to play with Cavill’s army one day.

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However, Cavill is no stranger to World of WarCraft as well. Previously, the actor revealed that he missed an important casting as he was ‘playing WarCraft.’

Are you a Warhammer fan too? Feel free to let us know.

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