How Henry Cavill Celebrated Landing ‘Man of Steel’ Like a True Nerd

How Henry Cavill Celebrated Landing ‘Man of Steel’ Like a True Nerd

Henry Cavill is currently ruling over the Hollywood industry with one blockbuster after another. While he may be the star of the moment right now, Cavill and his success have been a long time in the making. Furthermore, the actor took his first steps in the industry with Dennis Berry’s Laguna back in 2001. Cavill has since then picked up a plethora of varying roles to prove his prominence as an actor.

However, it was his 2007 performance as Charles Brandon in The Tudors that gave Henry his first shot at fame. In 2011, Henry Cavill was announced as the new Superman of the DC Cinematic Universe. This role gave Cavill’s career a major leap. Now it is hard to even imagine Superman being played by any other actor. Here is how The Witcher actor, being a major geek himself, reacted to getting cast in Man of Steel.

Henry Cavill unleashed his geek after getting cast as Superman

It is a fact that Henry Cavill, 39 years old, is one big nerd. His ‘tough-guy’ on-screen characters and those giant bulldozers for arms, that he has, definitely do not give off that vibe. However, the actor has, on multiple occasions, geeked out about computer games and sci-fi games. And let us not forget that iconic time when he hilariously corrected Graham Norton with ‘It’s Warhammer, Graham‘ when he said World of WarCraft. All these pieces of evidence give Cavill a very strong case in the nerd courtroom.

Given that he is a comic fanatic, the joy of the British actor was over the roof when he discovered that he had been cast as Superman in the Man of Steel. This was also Cavill’s first experience in a major movie franchise.

The number of times Henry Cavill has been ‘almost’ cast in a big movie franchise (cough: Casino Royale and Twilight) is maddening. Therefore, when he scored Man of Steel, he dived neck deep into his comics, in a spiritual ritual of sorts. “I went straight to the comic books and had stacks of them. I just read and read and read and read and read,” said Cavill while speaking to Rick Fulton.

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Not only did Superman mean a lot to Henry Cavill in terms of his career, but being a certified nerd himself, the actor knows the price of the comic book superhero that he was asked to bring to life. What do you think about Cavill’s unique way of celebrating his role?

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