Will Henry Cavill Reject the Role of James Bond for the Same Reason As Hugh Jackman?

Will Henry Cavill Reject the Role of James Bond for the Same Reason As Hugh Jackman?

Henry Cavill has become Hollywood’s IT boy ever since he stepped into the role of Superman in Man of Steel. The DC movie was a blockbuster after a series of flops and producers and studios alike were hoping to snatch the British to star in their movies.

Since Daniel Craig stepped down as James Bond it has again propelled the creators to look for another Bond. Popular fan choice reveals Henry Cavill, however, the man just might follow in the same footsteps as Hugh Jackman. Interestingly, the Aussie was tapped to play the famous spy, but, due to creative differences, he chose not to.  

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Henry Cavill may want to avoid getting type casted just as Hugh Jackman did after Wolverine

Henry Cavill who stars in The Witcher is this generation’s Superman and also starred alongside Cruise in his vehicle, Mission Impossible 6. Fans expect him to continue playing suave action heroes, but the star may take a different route similar to Hugh Jackman. When the Kate and Leopold actor was filming X-Men 2, he was offered to play Bond.

The creators were looking to replace Pierce Brosnan as early as 2002, way before his last Bond outing, Die Another Day. But the Aussie rejected the offer on the grounds of the script being too “unbelievable and crazy.” The studios were not ready to make the script grittier and real like Hugh wanted to cite that he had no control over it. Moreover, he wanted to experiment with diverse roles. 

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People wanted me to play that kind of hero part exclusively. It felt a little bit claustrophobic,” Jackman confessedThe Wolverine later would change gears after the last X-Men movie and star in Prisoners, The Greatest Showman, Les Miserables, etc.  

The Australian native was last seen as Wolverine in Logan. He shall reprise the role again in Deadpool 3. Besides Cavill had tried out for Bond but lost to Craig because of his young age then.

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