“It just made me…”- ‘The Last of Us’ Actress Nico Parker Reveals How Billie Eilish Influenced Her Performance in the Show

“It just made me…”- ‘The Last of Us’ Actress Nico Parker Reveals How Billie Eilish Influenced Her Performance in the Show

Nico Parker seems to have gotten some inspiration from Billie Eilish. The English actress was most recently cast as Sarah for the tv show adaptation of the famed game The Last of Us. She also worked in the movie Dumbo, making it her first big role. But every role is a new challenge, and for the teen, playing a serious role required some extra nudge.

Billie Eilish is an icon and inspiration for many. The singer is known for her delicate angelic voice and alternative pop style of music. And just like million other fans, Nico Parker also listens to the Grammy award winner. So when she had to prepare for her role in Last of Us, she listened to a song by Eilish that inspired her.

How did Billie Eilish help inspire Nico Parker for her role in The Last of Us?

The Last of Us. has released on the 15th of January, 2023. Like many other adaptations, the series is already making rounds for its impressive creation and cast. Nico Parker who played the role of Sarah in the series recently gave an interview for TVLine. As per TVLine’s Twitter post, the actress spoke of her big premiere, and how Billie Eilish’s music inspired her to prepare for her role. The actress mentioned the singer’s song named Eight, and said “It just made me think like Sarah being very young and in the moment”

The song opens up with a baby voice with the lyrics, “wait a minute, let me finish“. The lyrics felt very relevant for Parker when connecting to her character. The song Eight was released back in March of 2019 and was well received like many in her last, mostly because fans are able to relate the music to their life.

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The HBO series is based on the 2013 adventure game. It revolves around a man named Joel who is tasked with taking a young girl Ellie across the post-apocalyptic world. Parker’s character is shown to be Joel’s daughter. The role of Joel is played by Pedro Pascal, and although Sarah eventually dies in the show, she leaves a mark with her intense character.

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