Throwback to When Billie Eilish Burst Into Laughter During an SNL Skit

Throwback to When Billie Eilish Burst Into Laughter During an SNL Skit

Billie Eilish, the singer who won too many Grammys to become the most successful singer at the age of 21, is a tale we have all heard. The Bad Guy singer has been in the industry ever since the age of fifteen. And while her Oscar may not be for acting, Eilish showed a fair amount of her acting talent on Saturday Night Live.

In one of SNL’s best works in the past few years, the singer appeared in a ‘hotel ad’ alongside the one and only Kate McKinnon. Eilish and McKinnon roasting hotel commercials by beautifying the bare minimum that their hotel “Business Garden- Inn & Suites & Hotel Rom Inn” provide are just what you need to bring a smile to your face.

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Billie Eilish and Kate McKinnon make the most spectacular hotel ad

A theme recurrent with Billie Eilish is the ‘bored face’ that the singer sports in nearly every photo of hers. However, she appeared to be quite the contrary during her SNL skit in December 2021 when she could not hold her laughter. As the singer stood next to Kate McKinnon, who said “other hotels provide relaxation, luxury, and romance,” 30 seconds in, Eilish was already hiding a big chuckle. “Our hotel provides every comfort required by law,” Eilish mentioned. 

Eilish, who is known for her great vocal range, quivered as she tried to control her laughter while listing the down the many luxury amenities of their hotel, such as “tiny soap in plastic,” “phone that blinks,” “bandaid-colored blanket,” “chair for suitcase,” “black and white photo of a Ferris wheel,” “blower that goes ooo..,” “short glass wearing a little hat,” “and a small stain in a place you have to touch.” We do not blame Billie Eilish for breaking character while having to state the absurd facilities of the hotel.

Meanwhile, things got even more out of hand when Kate McKinnon decided to poke the singer. The skit featured Eilish sprouting comedic gold like “We put the hospital in hospitality.” But that’s not all because the SNL skit also starred Finneas Eilish as the “bellhop/valet/night manager/in-house doctor.” However, the elder Eilish is a little better than his younger sister in holding in his laughter.

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